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New Zealand
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Australia and New Zealand in Brit-Am Biblical Codes


"Brit-Am Now"-184
#3. re New Zealand and Zebulon
"Brit-Am Now"-699
#1. Wayne Laurence: Kiwi bird incorrectly described
#2. Facts about the Kiwi
(a) The bird
b. The Symbol
c. Vast Numbers Once Existed
d. Kiwi Shoe Polish
e. The Nickname "Kiwi": bird, coin, and fruit
#3. (a) The Pertinence to "Quail" in the Bible
(b) New Zealand birds like the Biblical "Quail" in in Numbers 11:30-32

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#2. Quail or Chickens?

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#3. Shaul Suhr: Note from New Zealand
#5. New Zealand Protest or Compliment?
#6. America in Brit-Am Bible Codes

"Brit-Am Now"-703
#3. Shaul Suhr: Proud Kiwi !
"Brit-Am Now"-726
#5. New Zealand and the Israeli Flag
#6. New Zealand in Brit-Am Bible Codes
"Brit-Am Now"-727
#1. Shaul Suhr:  New Zealand in Bible Codes
"Brit-Am Now"-854
#4. New Zealand: A Maori-Indian (Cush) Connection?
"Brit-Am Now"-871
#2. New Zealand Soldier Flew First Jewish Flag in Jerusalem
"Brit-Am Now"-940
#1. Craig Blackwood: Comparisons between Australians and New Zealanders
"Brit-Am Now"-943
#1. Steve Coneglan: Subject: NZ and Oz
"Brit-Am Now"-944
#2. Craig Blackwood: More Comparizons- NZ, OZ, France
"Brit-Am Now"-945
#1. D. Cotter: Simeon, Reuben, Oz and NZ.
"Brit-Am Now"-966
#2. Craig Blackwood: New Zealanders were on the hit list!

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