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The Two House Doctrine and Ephraimites

Brit-Am and the Two Houses
Brit-Am is a pro-Jewish pro-Zionist movement that sees the Two Houses as embodying the present day Jews (Judah) and the Lost Ten Tribes headed by Joseph and found today primarily amongst Western Nations. Ultimately they will re-unite but at present each has its own individual task to fulfill. The division was Divinely Ordained. Re-Unification in the future is also something that is Divinely Ordained and will take place when the time comes. For the time being both Houses must strive to fulfill their individual roles as separate entities as well as possible.

The Two House Doctrine is an idea propagated by some Christian groups. This doctrine says that Israel consists of Two Houses: Judah and Israel (or "Joseph"). In some versions Israel (or "Joseph") are identified with peoples mainly in Western Nations similarly to Brit-Am beliefs and in other versions all believing Christians (or all those who adhere to a particular branch) are those identified. The latter version is not according to Scripture which says that even those who were brought over against their will from Africa and elsewhere to the Lands of Israel will acknowledge in the End Times that only through Israel can the God of Israel (who is the only God) be accessed, see Isaiah 45:14. The Biblical Message is indeed a universal one and applicable to all peoples of the earth but Israel remains the Chosen People. Lately some Christians in Israel who identify themselves as "Joseph" have begun agitating for equal status in the Land of Israel. This is legitimate but not fully consistent with the Brit-Am position (which says little on the subject one way or the other, but see below) and it is not honest to equate Brit-Am with such a position.

Parable: The Two Houses

The Smiths were a large family who owned a large estate. Bandits forced the Smiths to leave their land and after that it was taken over by a bunch of hobo Arabs. The Smiths after great effort eventually received back control over part of their estate but were beset by attacks from the hobos. Due to the hobo attacks and pressure from outsiders some of the Smiths wanted to come to an arrangement with the hobos. Other members of the family said that any arrangement would place everything they had in danger apart from the principle that the estate was that of the Smith family and not that of the Hobos. There were also those who believed that their God-given religious obligations did not allow them to release control over any part of the property.

Along came the Boys from Jones.
The Boys from Jones were part of the Jones clan. The Smiths had a long history with the Jones Clan, some good and some bad. On the one hand, Members of the Jones Clan were prominent amongst those Outsiders who were pressuring the Smiths to give in to the Hobos. On the other hand the Jones Clan (to whom the "Jones Boys" belonged) included amongst them they who had helped the Smiths take back their property and it could be said that they were the best and possibly the only real allies the Smiths had.
The "Boys from Jones", without any prior warning, suddenly "out of the blue" began to announce that they too were really "Smiths". The Boys from Jones said they were originally Smith children who had been kidnapped by foreigners and forgotten their identity and that the entire Jones Clan (and more) were in the same category. The Boys from Jones also started saying that the Smiths should not give into the Hobos since the Estate also belonged to the Jones clan and that the Smiths should give the Boys from Jones the same rights as were given to members of the Smith family. Upon hearing this "new" and astounding information some of the Smiths did not want to hear any more but there were others who said that at the least the claims of the Boys from Jones should be examined.
Some of the Boys from Jones said they had no evidence but just knew it was true in their heart. Others referred to various writings that they had not read but knew were in existence and that upon examination were not so convincing and sometimes even said nasty and untrue things about the Smith family.

Still others produced "Brit-Am" type proofs and it was these who were listened to.
This is the first stage.

In this case Brit-Am agrees that the Boys from Jones (and even probably most of the Jones Clan) really are "Smiths" and should be treated as such but before thrusting this amazing (and to some, shocking) news down the throats of the "Smith" people they should be given a chance to get properly used to it without outlandish demands being made by those who are still considered Outsiders. It should also be noted that: Some Jews view the Identity claim as an attempt to make "Kosher" people with missionizing intentions. There are indeed a few Christians with missionizing intentions who may indeed see the "Identity" message as a tool. It is difficult to say but suspicions have been aroused by the statements and attitudes of some of the people in question. Jews in the past were prepared to give their lives and not become Christians and Christians in the past caused much suffering to the Jewish people. We recognize that many of those who support Brit-Am are Christians and as such would like those of Judah to share their belief. They should however be aware that a religious Jew (and most of the non-religious) would rather die than change his religion. Throughout the centuries Jews have indeed died and suffered grievously because Christians have tried to convert Jews.
You may say (as many do say) that the Persecutors in question were not true Christians and not representative of the Christianity with which you are acquainted.
Such distinctions however, for better or for worst, are not convincing on the whole.
At the least they are not commonly accepted or acceptable.
See our article:

The Real Return

In the Last days the Lost Ten Tribes will return and re-unite with Judah (Ezekiel 37). They will return as a result of Judah gong out to them and bringing them back (Jeremiah 3:18 31:8). They will return as a body. The return of the Lost Ten Tribes will include the occupation of Syria, Jordan (Micah 7:14) and Lebanon (Zechariah 10:10). This will precede the coming back to the Land of Ephraim which nevertheless will take place (Jeremiah 31:5). Ephraim is in fact called upon to return to his cities (Jeremiah 31:19-20). This however can only be done with the agreement of Judah and in coordination with Judah. Judah needs the return of the Lost Ten Tribes (Ezekiel 37:19-28). Not all the Lost Ten Tribes will necessarily return physically to the Greater Land of Israel but rather representative portions (Jeremiah 3:14). The Holiness of the land of Israel will spread to all the world. The other peoples who come to acknowledge the Almighty will do so through the God of Israel and the Almighty will be recognized as such (Isaiah 45:14). Judah and Joseph are the chosen people of God (Psalms 60:9). Judah will lead the way and prepare the path for the others (Hosea 6:11). If at present individuals wish to come and live in the Land of Israel they do so as guests of Judah who is going before the other tribes. Brit-Am does not encourage people to come to live permanently in Israel or to convert to Judaism. Neither does Brit-Am discourage people from converting to Judaism. It is simply not our calling one way or the other. Brit-Am leaves such matters up to individual decision. This is not our calling and we unable to advise or assist those who take such a path. Brit-Am does think that the Interior Ministry in Israel in many cases should help those of "Joseph" who do come here and wish to stay to do so without having to constantly renew visas, temporarily leave the country for a few days every three months and all the other requirements. Brit-Am also thinks that the Government of Israel should take an interest in Brit-Am beliefs and encourage research to confirm them and spread knowledge of them. This, if done judiciously could be for the good of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. These are initial steps and could create a dynamism of their own. These however are the limits of what we think should be our requests of officialdom. This is actually quite a lot and could lead to greater things. Demands beyond the above requests could backfire and create a negative impression. In the past negative impressions have indeed been created by irresponsible elements and the effects of the bad image created is still being felt.

The Three Rs of Brit-Am

Brit-Am exists to promote knowledge of the Identity of Western Peoples. Our goals are the three Rs of Brit-Am: Research, Revelation, Reconciliation.

The three Rs of Brit-Am are:
  1. Research: Proving where descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
  2. Revelation: Revealing Research findings to others especially to those who are identifiable as "Lost Israelites" and to the Jews of "Judah".
  3. Reconciliation: Working for the Recognition that the Lost Tribes and Judah have a mutual destiny and common origin and interest and therefore need to accept Israelite identification and the unique role of each other.

We want people to know about this truth. We think it most important that the Lost Ten Tribes be made aware of their identity and also that the Jews know of it. The Lost Ten Tribes were exiled from the Land of Israel because they worshiped other gods and did not keep the Law (2-Kings ch.17). In the future they will return and become reconciled with Judah. Their religious differences with Judah will resolved after their return (Ezekiel 11:2 37:24). Brit-Am therefore does not have to concern itself with religious differences and this is not our calling. We think it VERY IMPORTANT that Brit-Am findings be made known and that the knowledge be internalized and CONFIRMED by additional and more intensive researches. We feel that the Israeli Governments as well as Governments of nations in which many of the Lost Tribes dwell should set up departments to continue and intensify the researches we have begun. We would like to see our researches refined and proven beyond reasonable doubt by every means possible. Just as one can open up an encyclopedia and read about geographical and scientific discoveries that are acknowledged to be factual and true and that every rational person would agree with so would we want that the truths of Brit-Am be related to. If such a situation existed it would be possible to demand that Governments relate to this information accordingly. It could well change the situation altogether. This aim may be impractical and impossible to achieve. Nevertheless aiming in that direction and working towards it may well raise the level of acceptability of Brit-Am beliefs and bring them within the range of serious consideration. At present Brit-Am conducts its researches and publishes much of the evidence as it becomes available. Most of those who follow our activities and are interested agree with our findings. A maximum effort to achieve realistic respectable goals of the greatest potential is the goal of Brit-Am. This is what Brit-Am may be able to do if you enable us through moral support, offerings, and purchase of our publications.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

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The Brit-Am Rose is the official symbol of Brit-Am. It is based on the Tudor Rose symbol of Britain and the Red and White Rose of Israel.

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