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1. More Remarks from Peter and Brit-Am Replies
2. Is the USA Really Manasseh? Or is it Ephraim?
3. What about Brutus?
4. Kevin Opp: Brit-Am is Biblically True!
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1. More Remarks from Peter and Brit-Am Replies

peter castro-solomon <> wrote:
Hi Mr Davidy

Firstly I would like to address a previous E-mail sent to you regarding the lost tribes beyond the rivers of Cush. In your response to my E-mail you said  what I wrote was unstantiated- I beg to differ. Whatever I wrote has been taken from respected sources and are not MADE UP, when I get some time I will compile a set of references for you.

With regards to the Lemba there is an undeniable genetic link with the Jews, which has been noted in many scientific journals indeed it was even on British television. If you type  LEMBA and genetics into the google search engine a wealth of materials can be seen IT IS NOT MADE UP, furthermore I did quote scripture to support my opinion.

The Lemba have ALWAYS maintained that they are Israelites it's not something that they have made up in the last ten or twenty years. A good source on the Lemba is Tudor Parfitt  a professor of Jewish studies at London university. I have read several of his books.
If you are familiar with his works you will see that like you he was very sceptical of the Lembas claims until he actually visited them. In his book Journey to the vanished city Dr. Parfitt documents the journey he embarked upon through Africa following Lemba oral tradition eventually leading him to Yemen. In fact  Tudor Parfitt was so convinced of the tribes origin he put their claims to the test scientifically.

With regards to the Falasha of Ethiopia I must admit that the Lemba have a much stronger case- nevertheless I'm convinced that Israelites once flourished there.
Have you heard about the Jews of Elephantine in southern Egypt? Do you know that archaeologists found that at one time there stood an exact replica of the first temple on the banks of the Nile!   Scholars think the Elephantine Jews as a result of persecution fled south to Ethiopia. In my last E-mail
it was stated that the Lemba claim  some of their ancestors split up and went to Ethiopia. PLEASE REMEMBER that the CHIEF RABBI upon close examination of the Falasha's claims ruled that they are Jews. In the 16th century, the Chief Rabbi of Egypt, Rabbi David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra (Radbaz) proclaimed that in terms of Halakha , the Ethiopian community was certainly Jewish. Throughout the 19th century, the majority of European Jewish authorities openly supported this assertion.

Mr Davidy you said and I quote:

"Brit-Am peoples relatively speaking were the least anti-semitic.
The few friends the Jews ever had and have now in nine or more cases
out of ten come from Brit-Am peoples"

This is Not TRUE history shows that most persecution of the Jews has come at the hands of the European peoples. The articles you submitted which seem to show that western governments cared about Jews are misleading, they cared more about their OWN INTERESTS. Don't forget about the St Louis a German ship that carried 930 Jews fleeing from Germany in World war two- and how they were forced to return to certain death in Europe as no western nations granted the Jews refuge. BE REMINDED the west knew about the concentration camps and could have destroyed them before the end of the war but did not. Take into account that only a handful of individuals helped the Jews to escape the Nazi's MANY collaborated. Even after the war the British prohibited many Jews from returning to Israel, turning them back to Europe where many of them had lost love ones.
Are you aware figures show that anti-Semitism is on the increase in Europe and it's not just the Muslims but also neo -nazi's. As a matter of fact I have a friend in Haifa whose brother lives in Dresden Germany. His brother told me that he would not dare mention that he is Jewish out of fear of the stigma attached.
It seems that becoming Jewish in certain circles has become the latest fad, especially among evangelical Christians. However as history has shown when Jews face hardship we see who are true friends are. It's one thing to say that your a friend but actions speak louder than words. How many western tourists did you see in Israel when the intifada started? I saw alot on tv protesting against Israel.

Perhaps if sites such as Brit Am stopped  portraying most individuals of the Torah as being white more individuals from other various ethnicities could identify with the Jewish faith. This most likely explains as you put it why the Jews "best friends" are Europeans. It's important to remember that white people have oppressed many solely on the colour of skin- thus race can be a sensitive area. There is much more I have to say concerning what Iv'e found out about ancient Israelites but will save it for further correspondence as this E-mail is already too long.

I doubt if you have read any of our books or been through most of the articles on our web-site.
You have certain misconceptions about us.
Concerning the Lemba we do not think there is much Israelite or Jewish about them
but that is not our concern.
Ethiopian Jews in our opinion may be partly of Israelite or Jewish origin but they are mostly concerts.
Nevertheless those amongst them whose parents considered  themselves Jews should be accepted by Judah as they have been.
At all events this is an internal matter for Judah.
The St Louis event was a tragedy that brought shame on the USA.
The passengers who were refused entry to the USA were received by
Britain, France, Belgium, and other places. They did not on the whole go back to
Germany though some were killed when the Germans conquered the hosting nations.
The incident occurred before the outbreak of WWII.
With hindsight we can now say that it was obvious that the Nazis intended to kill
all the Jews of Europe if they could. At the time it was not so clear.
Jews themselves believed at the very gates of the Concentration camps that they
would not be killed.
Nevertheless a lot of anti-Semitism existed at the time and the Nazis had numerous
There were many who collaborated with the Nazis.
Most (but not all) of the Jews in France and Belgium were saved.
Comparing Western Europe to Eastern Europe the Brit-Am identifications hold up
very well on the whole. Using the Criteria of
Relative lack of Antiy-Semitism
 the Brit-Am position is justified.
The British despite everything were good for the Jews with notable exceptions.
One of the exceptions was due to the policies of the Foreign Minister, Ernest Bevin,
who I am afraid to say may (or may not) have been a distant relative of mine.
You mention anti-Semitism in Germany.
We do not consdier most Germans to be Israelites.
At one stage many Israelites were amongst them but they mostly moved out
in the 1800s to North America and elsewhere as explained in our book,
As for the Intifada and tourism, everyone stayed away including Jews.
People are human.
Brit-Am does not mean to emphasize "white men".
We do not intend to offend anybody.
Also we are not trying to attract people to Judaism.
There are groups who are doing this and there are people who very open to "coloreds".
We think they are severely mistaken but they exist.
Personally I think it is irrelevant to dwell on this issue one way or the other.
It is harmful and misleading.
We are interested in defining who the Lost Ten Tribes and in making this knowledge known
whilst working towards a meeting of minds of the different parties involved.
These are the three Rs of Brit-Am:
a. Research: Proving where descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
b. Revelation: Revealing Research findings to others especially to those who are identifiable as "Lost Israelites" and to the Jews of "Judah".
c. Reconciliation: Working for the Recognition that the Lost Tribes and Judah have a mutual destiny and common origin and interest and therefore need to accept Israelite identification and the unique role of each other.

2. Is the USA Really Manasseh? Or is it Ephraim?
Chad Leatherby <> wrote:

To Yair,

Shalom! I just wanted to add a thread. I see where you are coming from as well as others in the debate/midrash over whether America is Ephraim or Manasseh and Britain as vice versa.
In the 1950's it would've seemed clear to those at that time that Great Britain definitely fit the "multitude of nations" like no other nation has. Both America and Britain exploded to world power from the 1800's and on into the 1900's etc. like no other 2 nations have done to fulfill so many prophecies as "lost Israel." The problem with the debate is the many similarities that they both share. Jacob said, "bless the lads" (Gen. 48:16) and so they both received this great blessing. Of course Ephraim received the 1stborn blessing and was said "BE GREATER." As I read of this debate, it seems one side focuses on the part of the "multitude of nations" and the other side focuses on the "Greater" nation part of this verse. Britain definitely fits the "multitude of nations' better and America the "Greater" nation better.
Since the blessing given to "the lads" was that from Abraham. It consisted of the physical wealth, resources, and many MATERIAL blessings as well as the physical and spiritual. So the 'greater' Ephraim would have to be the one who ends up receiving 'greater' amounts of the wealth, abundance, and spiritual blessings over Manasseh b/c he received the 1stborn blessing.
I think it is obvious to most that now in the 20th century, it is easy to see that America has exceeded Great Britain in wealth and abundance and greatness. We cannot overlook that fact. So how do we reconcile this? There are so many similarities b/t the 2. We can "strain at a Nat" to prove our preconceived ideas, but what is the truth?
Well, perhaps a quote from the Stone Edition Chumash will do well to answer this question. This translation of Gen 48:19 reads, "his younger brother [Ephraim] shall BECOME GREATER then he, and his OFFSPRING['S FAME] WILL FILL THE NATIONS."
Has America's fame filled the nations! Why certainly! Has America become greater in the physical wealth and abundance of Abraham now looking at history from a 20th century perspective? Yes!
I would like to know your feedback on this. If you have a Stone's Chumash perhaps you could look at the translation and see if it fits. It seems to answer this question/discussion well. Shalom,
Yeshua is King! (Is. 53:5 doesn't say "we" but "He" referring to Yeshua Hamashiach!)
Spreading hope,

Chad Shalom,
Sorry about the delay in answering.
Concerning the Stone Translation I cannot say:
The verse (Genesis 48:19) has been explained in the
Brit-Am Commentary to Genesis

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After you have gone through all of the above if you still
have questions on the subject please return to us.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of

3. What about Brutus?
John Hext-Fremlin <>
British Israelites usuallt mention the arrival of Brutus with the Bronze age in 1104 BC; so why has he ben left out. John?


Brit-Am is not part of British Israel.
Brit-Am conducted its researches independently of British Israelite sources
though we later referred back to them and where they proved valid
accepted them.
There exists a tendency in some writers to look for the possibility of an Israelite presence
in the west before the Assyrian Exile in the 700s BCE.
We are not sure about this, are in doubt about it, and prefer not to relate to it.

4. Kevin Opp: Brit-Am is Biblically True!
From: Kevin Opp <>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-838 - Not Convinced. Letter from Peter and Brit-Am

The Brit-Am theory is as conclusive and simple as this:

God Blessed Abraham above all nations, the Abrahamic blessing went to Isaac and then to Jacob.  The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel have to be among the [nations] as the MOST blessed people on the planet, literally.  Or the Bible is wrong and we should all go fishing or something.  It is all as simple as that.  If the lost ten tribes went to the East then the birthright blessing of Abraham would rest upon them, it simply does not.  Though it is likely and believable that all tribes have been dispersed to all areas of the planet in small rations.  It is  scripturally impossible that there is not a high concentration in Western Nations, especially US and Britain.  As far as South Africa goes, I currently manage an employment agency in South Dakota that brings in South Africans to work in America, we at any given time have 1000 South Africans working at good jobs in the US.  My point is that I have met countless South Africans and my boss is South African, South Africa has remained the only blessed country in the rest of the death hole of dark Africa, why, it is simple it is the blessing of the patriarch.  Not to mention these people are extremely strong Christians in a entire Continent of nothing but witchcraft, how did they maintain this?  One could argue that they are holding on to tradition,. but nothing could be further from the truth, most South Africans don't even know they are of Dutch Descent and originally came from Holland, nor do they much care.  They are Christians because they are spiritually drawn to the God of Israel.  And hundreds of years of African Witchcraft still cant take that away.

In simply reply to your guesses and theories, believing that the Lost Tribes are not predominantly in America and other Western countries can only lead to a few conclusions:  1. you dont believe in the full truth of the Bible, but that maybe it is just a good history book. or  2.  You dont believe Gods blessings ....  If God's blessing is in the East, where is it.  There is nothing there but famine and poverty, and disease.  If that is the blessing of Abraham then I don't want it!  Not to mention those peoples don't even believe in the God of Israel, but in the gods allah buddah.  How will God reunite an entire population that doesn't believe in his word, and even have a tendency of killing whoever does.  It is actually a very simple conclusion and depends on if you believe God or Not.  In contrast in America alone we have 30 million evangelical Christians who would die protecting Israel and they dont even know why.

5. Hebrew Pictures
(a) Pictures Added: The Pict People of Scotland

(b) Compliment
Hi Yair. A commendable web page.
Marc Washington

(c) Comment
Thanks Yair for the pictures, i am collecting depictions of garments with "tzitzit" on"kanaph". You are making my task easier. Also glad to see that someone brought to your attention the "ashera-im" on the Celt like picture and that you cut off the bottom part.
In peace  sandie b.