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Hosia: A Few Highlights of Hosea.
Three sons of Gomer (i.e. Cimmerians) represent three sections of the exiled 10 tribes who will link up with European Nations. They do not represent Judah who is separately spoken of  (1:7).
Much of Hosea is directed expressly to the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.
The Lost Tribes of Israel will be rejected, then accepted (1:10) (
Yebamot 17), (2:23).  They will be extremely numerous (1:10).
They will have worshipped
the baal (2:8, 2:13).
Righteousness, judgment,
lovingkindness, and mercy are required of us (2:19).
The Lost Ten Tribes must Return to God, to Jerusalem [reconciliation with Judah], and to the Kingdom of David (3:5).
Ephraim represents all of the northern Lost Ten Tribes of Israel as well as the specific tribe of Ephraim.
Ephraim will have brough forth "strange children"(5:7).
Gilead and Schechem (representing the USA) were known for their murderers and violence (6:2).
Judah will be preparing the foundations of the Land for all the Tribes to Return (Hosea 6:11). The Exiles will return from the West (11:10).
Judah will have remained faithful (11:14).
Ephraim is described as a cheating merchant (12:7). cf. Terms applied to Britain, "Nation of shopkeepers", "Perfidious Albion".
Ephraim is to the west (mostly) from the Land of Israel (11:10).
Ephraim is rich.
Ephraim is a merchant (12:7).
Ephraim mistakenly puts his trust in Assyria and other "lovers".
Association with Machmad (i.e. Islam) (Mohamot) augurs not well for Ephraim and is liable to bring disaster due to Muslim terrorists (9:1).
The overall message of Hosea is rejection of Ephraim by the Almighty followed by a reconciliations. This applies to all the Lost Ten Tribes and also to Judah.  
Israel will return unto God and be blessed once again (chapter 14).  
Israel will return unto God and be blessed once again (chapter 14).

Hosea Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1: Hosea is told to take a loose woman named Gomer and to have children from her. Three children are born. They represent three sections of the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel who were about to go into Exile and become the Lost Ten Tribes. Judah is expressly excluded. The name "Gomer" signifies an association of the exiled Israelites with nations descended from the three sons of Gomer son of Japhet. The Sons of Gomer gave rise to entities that are today mainly found in Central and Western Europe. The Children of Gomer and Hosea were Jezreel ["He who God Shall Scatter"], Lo-Ruhama ["She-who-has-not-been-shown-mercy"], and "Lo-Ami" ["Not My people"]. Two aspects of the Blessings: a. Those (such as dwelling in the Land of Israel) that were conditional on behavior; (b) Those there were unconditional that included becoming a multitudinous and powerful nation. Those blessings that were to be unconditionally fulfilled were to enable the Lost Ten Tribes to fulfill their task of civilizing and elevating humanity. Judah will be saved through miracles and not by force of arms. It is prophesied that there will come a time when Lo-Ami will be called "Sons of the Living God" or "Angli". They will be extremely numerous. They will unite with Judah and return together. Jezreel will exhibit the alternative explanation of his name which can connote ingathering.

Chapter 2: Judah is exhorted to recognize the Lost Ten Tribes as their kith and kin. The Righteous amongst the Ten Tribes are urged to remonstrate with their "Mother" meaning their community. We cannot diconnect ourselves from our peoples. Our "legitimacy" depends on their behavior as well as our own. The Lost Tribes will have enjoyed great wealth and material prosperity much of which will have been wasted due to idolatrous and ungodly practices. They will have worshipped the "baal". Baal worship in Ancient Times was indeed practiced throughout much of Western Europe. Britain was referred to as the "Honey Isle of Bel". The Israelites will be lured out into the "Wilderness" and there they shall be reformed and reconciled with the Almighty.

Chapter 3: The Prophet is told to take a woman and love her as his soul-mate. The woman however will betray him just as the Israelites betrayed God Almighty by committing idolatry. In their time of Exile a long stage will transpire when the Israelites will no longer be actual practicioners of idolatry yet neither will they be able to worship the Almighty God of Israel as requred. This is more or less the situation in our day. After that, in the End Times they will return and seek the God of Israel, and Messiah Son of David, and the Temple Service in Jerusalem.

Chapter 4: Sexual Immorality, violence, and disregard for the truth are the downfall of Israel. The religious leaders of Israel have been chosen for their task by Divine Providence and they have responsibility for how Israel behaves. This applies even when the relgious conceptions to which they are attached are based on idolatrous sources. Judah is warned not to go in the pathway of Ephraim. Sin brings its own punishment and in some degree is itself punishment.

Chapter 5: The Ten Tribes will be wicked and sin. Judah will imitate Ephraim and suffer because of it. Ephraim will seek to buy his way into heaven. They will have borne children to foreign women which will prevent their repentance being acceptable. Ephraim will retain a degree of Biblical Awareness. Ephraim will seek the help of Assyria but this will be to no avail. Judah due to oppression will return to its religion and to the Land of Israel at an early stage and prepare the way for the other Tribes.

Chapter 6: The Third Redemption with the building of the Third Temple will be final and there will be no more exiles after that. Religious leaders must acknowledge the truth and be respected. The People of Gilead and Manasseh had a propensity to violence which is still apparent today. A portion of Judah will prepare the way in the Land of Israel for the rest of Judah and for all the Ten Tribes. The USA and other Israelite Nations should support the State of Israel and encourage the settlements instead of doing the opposite as they have been.

Chapter 7: Corruption amongst the leadership and connivance at violence and robbery bring about the downfall of Ephraim. The leaders are betrayed by their followers who lay in wait for an opportune moment to betray them. Ephraim will assimilate amongst the Gentiles. He will loose his strength and be betrayed by the foreign allies he trusted in. Despite being visited by calamities Ephraim does not repent. The exile of the Ten Tribes and an outline of why they are to be identified as part of the Cimmerian, Scythian, and Gothic coalition is given.

Chapter 8: Anti-Jewish attacks by the Romans, Poles, and Germans are symbolized by the eagle. The chapter starts with Judah then turns to the Ten Tribes though at the second last verse it refers to Judah again and in the last verse to Israel and Judah together. The northern Israelites abandoned the God of Israel and set up their own religion and their own corrupt rulers. The calf of Samaria will be broken in pieces and disaster come upon them. They will be exiled by Assyria and assimilate amongst the Gentiles. Even the Gentiles will not want them and will cast them out. Despite the fact that they will be like Gentiles, God will have mercy on them, forgive them their sins and gather them together. They shall be given a "second" chance in their Place of Exile. They will be addicted to idolatry because they want permission to sin. This will be their undoing. They will have rejected the Bible and treated it as something written for foreigners and not for themselves. Judah will also have sinned and be punished.

Chapter 9: Excerpt from Maimonides, "Letter to Yemen" concerning Mohammed and Islam.
Brit-Am Commentary to Hosea 9: Special laws apply to Israelites that are not relevant to other peoples. Israel will be punished for its idolatry and wrongdoing even though other peoples are not. Some of the Ten Tribes went to Egypt. In Assyrian Exile the Israelites will no longer keep the Law. Acts of terrorism of disastrous proportions will be committed against Ephraim by the followers of Mahomed who will be associated with "Egypt" and/or with Russia. Maimondies in his "Letter to Yemen" spoke against Islam and identified Mahomed as the "Mad Man", evil prophet, and religious leader prophesied about in Hosea ch.9. Abortion brings a curse on Israel. Ephraim will have been connected to the Phoenician city of Tyre who will betray them, cause their children to be slaughtered, and help the Assyrians transport them overseas. Ephraim will be forced to move from place to place.
Article: The Muslim Madness and Predicted Terror Attacks Against Ephraim
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Chapter 10: In a sense this chapter could have been the beginning of the Book of Hosea. Division amongst Israelite Tribes invites disaster. The cult of the Golden bull-calves at Beth-el and Beth-Aven will have corrupted Ephraim and this corruption will be responsible for terrible punishments. Ephraim will have acted similarly to the homosexual monsters who once inhabited Gibeah of Benjamin. Numerous foreign peoples will sense the weakness of Ephraim and attack him. Ephraim was nicknamed "Aegel" or "Angle" (as in "Anglo-Saxon" and Angle-land:England) meaning bull-calf but sometimes Ephraim acts like a little cow. If we repent and do as well as we can God will have mercy on us and redeem us.

Chapter 11: Joseph will retain traits of his half-Egyptian origins. The mother of Ephraim and Manasseh was from Egypt. They will worship Baal as the Ancient British, Irish, and Gauls did. God raised them up like someone taking care of a baby but still they rejected HIM. The Lost Ten Tribes will repent and return from the West to the Land of Israel. Ephraim will have rejected the Almighty while Judah remained faithful.

Chapter 12: Ephraim going to Mitsraim (Egypt or Russia) and Assyria (Germany, the EU?) for alliance is a mistake. It will end in disaster. Ephraim was meant to be alone and subdue all adversaries. The Divine Protection that was given him and the special talents he was imbued with to fulfill his destined role are misdirected when Ephraim strays from God. Ephraim quarrels with Judah concerning the nature of the Almighty and the validity of the Law. Ephraim is a devious merchant, a "nation of shopkeepers". When Ephraim returns he will dwell in tents just as many of the Jews did after 1948. Ephraim links to "Aram" meaning the Scythians. They will be keepers of sheep and cattle. Prophecy will be restored and a Prophet will arise to lead Ephraim back.

Chapter 13: Ephraim should be naturally feared and respected but due to the sin of idolatry he is treated with the contempt due to a dead object. Ephraim will be devoured by foreign nations who will massacre women and children.

Chapter 14: Israel must return to the Almighty and be reconciled with HIM. There is no other choice. The Return of the Lost Ten Tribes is symbolized by the Brit-Am Rose, official symbol of Brit-Am.

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