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Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. This is proven from the Bible, Talmud, and Rabbinical Sources as well as from Secular Studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Mythology, Linguistics, and related fields. The Prophets spoke of this. Peoples that emerged from the British Isles (including North America) represent Joseph. The Jews of the State of Israel and the Diaspora are Judah. Joseph and Judah are destined to re-unite! The Tribes will be united in One Kingdom. Each Tribe shall dwell in its own territory.
This information deserves to be studied and internalized.

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Poem: Australia is the Land of Sinim associated with the Ten Tribes!

"The Vision Was There. A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine" by Franz Kobler, 1956, London   Whole book online, Classical Literature exclusive to this site; shows traditional pro-British attitude to Zionism!  

A Portion of Judah will be the first to Return. This is the present State of Israel. At First they will be Reluctant to Receive the Ten Tribes and Assimilated non-Identifiable Jews but after that they will. The Tribes will Return at first Physically and AFTER THAT in the Religious Sense; Judah needs the Return of Samaria (Manasseh and Israel) both physically and spiritually for the sake of Its own Redemption; Judah will teach Joseph; The Ten Tribes will Return and Help Judah Rehabilitate the Land of Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Rest of Judah will then Return.
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The Ancient Hebrews were of mixed physical types. They included dark types as well as fair ones and blonds and red heads. The Bible, Rabbinical sources, and archaeology confirm this.


The Israelites sent 12 spies into the Land of Canaan. 10 of them brought back a bad report and demoralized the people who rebelled and were punished. Two of the spies had issued a favorable account. These were Joshua from the Tribes of Ephraim and Caleb from Judah. Today we see the State of Israel being settled by Judah with support from Ephraim represented by the USA, Britain, Australia, and Canada. All the other Israelite nations are antagonistic. Is the experience of the Spies being repeated?
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The word Hebrew means Israelite. The Lost Ten Tribes went to the West. This is reflected in many ways including the ethnic names they gave themselves. The Celts called themselves Iberi, Hiberi, or Iveri which are all derived from the Biblical Hebrew pronounciation of the name Hebrew.
Hebrews or Yew Trees?? What Did the Celts Call Themselves?

Descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today found amongst Western Nations according to the Bible and Rabbinical Commentary supplemented by historical and related studies. It is in these countries that Israelite Tribes realized their Destined Ancestral Expression. This is what was prophesied. It is what took place. It obligates us to take heed of who we are and all that it entails. This is the message of the Bible to you, now!

We can supply you with background information and referenced sources to confirm this.

The USA and related nations have an obligation as Israelite Nations to fulfill their destiny. America and britain and their offshoots are obligated by the Bible to be great nations, uplift humanity, internalize Biblical Consciousness, maintain Biblical values, and look after themselves not only for their own sake but also for that of the rest of humanity.

They should also support the Jews and the State of Israel because that is what the Bible demands and what being a Hebrew entails.

This is what we teach and prove.


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Brit-Am traces the Lost Ten Tribes to Western Nations.
Brit-Am is an organization centered in the State of Israel which is that part of the Holy land that has been partially liberated from Arab and foreign oppression.
The Director of Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations adheres to Orthodox Judaism but most of our supporters do not.
Due consideration is given to both outlooks, an attempt being made to offend neither.
Brit-Am specializes in research and outreach.
The evidence that Brit-Am relies upon is Biblical in the light of Rabbinical Commentary supplemented by secular studies.
Brit-Am avoids the discussion of religious differences between Judah (the present-day Jews) and the Lost Ten Tribes represented by "Joseph".

Brit-Am has three main aims:
Research -finding where the Lost Ten Tribes went to.
Recognition -Bringing the Results of our Research to Public attention.
Reconciliation - Working towards the eventual re-unification of Joseph and Judah.

Topics discussed on the present site include The Ten Lost Tribes and everything about them.

See "Brit-Am Principles: Hebraic Consciousness"

Bible Commentaries: Nachmanides and Rashi on the Ten Tribes being in the west; The Five Books of Moses and Promised Blessings; Brit-Am Commentaries on the Prophets, Psalms, and other Biblical Books; Bible Codes confirm Israelite Tribal identity; Biblical History and Archaeology.

Physical Ancestry: DNA and its questionable validity on ethnic questions, Biblical Physical Anthropology, Ancient Hebrew Racial Types, Pictures of Ancient Israelites and Neighboring Peoples.

Khazars: The Israelite Ancestry and Western Relationships of the Khazars.

Tribal Identities:
The English-Speaking Peoples Today Descend from the Tribe of Joseph; the USA is Manasseh; "Machir" ("Ha-Macheri" in Hebrew) the first-born son of Manasseh gave his name in its Medieval Latinized form to "America". The name "Machir" in Hebrew means Capitalism; "Manasseh" means Responsible Representation; Ephraim is Britain along with the overseas "daughters" of Britain. Other Israelite Tribes gave rise to elements within England, Scotland, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Ulster, Wales, France, Holland, and Belgium. The present-day Jews descend mainly from Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, plus representatives portions of all the other Tribes. The Tribe of Dan is to be found amongst part of the Danish, Irish, and Welsh.
Biblical Blessings indicate specific identifications and locations the implications of which need to be studied in the light of history, linguistics, archaeology, legends, and National Characteristics.

Tribal Symbols: Star of David, unicorn, lion, Israeli Stamps.

Historical Studies: Israelite Migrations, Linguistics, Cimmerians, Scythians, the Hiberi-Celts from Spain, The Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Normans, the Scottish and Irish, Franks, and Scandinavians.

Megaliths: Correct dating of Megalithic Monuments that outline Hebrew Migratory Paths as Prophesied in Jeremiah 31:21. These "Pathway Signatory Indicators" (Dolmens in Holland and Denmark, New Grange in Ireland, Stonehenge in England, etc.) are found in the Land of Israel and in Western Europe.

Questions of Brit-Am Israelite Identity: Chosen People, Israelite Ancestry, Ephraimites, Captive Jews from Judah in the West,The Two Houses, Returning to the Land of Israel, "British-Israel" versus Brit-Am.

Other Peoples: Edom, Germany, Japan, Gog, Russia, China, Korea, Tibet, Cush, India, Africa, Arabs, Ishmael, Palestinians, Philistines, Canaanites.

Guest Articles: Articles by Yair Davidiy, along with essays by Terry Blodgett, Stephen Collins, Cam Rea, Stephen Spykerman, Orjan Svensson, and several others.

Contemporary Issues and Specialized Newsletters: Israelite Ancestry Findings and Discussion, Biblical Research Updates; Jerusalem News, Regular News Reports from the Land of Israel and Israel-Related News from overseas; News concerning Archaeology, Anthropology, and DNA researches. News from specific countries.

Enemy Elimination: Anti-Semitism Confronted; The Pernicious and Nefarious Intentions behind Conspiracy Theory Exposed; the Need to Transfer the Palestinians for the good of all including themselves; Missionary Activity Amongst Jews Forbidden; Anti-American and anti-British attitudes rebuked.

Along with much more.
New articles and information are added almost daily.

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The Tribes
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Biblical Place Names in the USA: State by State
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Hycsos: Hebrew Shepherd Kings of Egypt

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The Divine Purpose for the Exile and Division

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The Jews of Judah: A Demographic History.
Jews Not Khazars. The Lost Ten Tribes amongst the Jews West European Converts to Judaism. Different Aptitudes

The Kings of Judah and Israel.

The Scottish Tartan Cloak of Joseph

Israelite Origins of the Picts of Scotland.


"Helleno-Yishurin. The Hebrew Origin of Greek Legends"
by John R. Salverda

"Are the British and Scandinavians Semites or European?"
Questions on Anglos Belonging to the Indo-European Race and Language

The Irish Hero Dagda and Samson

Messiah Son of David in the Bible

The Aryan Monkey.
Human Adaptation to Environment Reflected in Physical Appearance.

The Lost Ten Tribes and DNA.
The Land of Israel Origins of Western Peoples

The Earliest West European Beliefs in their Israelite Origins. List of Contents

Israelite Origin Traditions:
Netherlands: Holland, Frisia.

Polemics; Brit-Am Answers Criticisms
Jews and Gentiles Argue Against Brit-Am and are Replied to.

Aussie Blues; Brit-Am Challenged Over the Land of Sinim-Australia Equation!

The Huguenots. Israelite Origins of an Ethnic-Religious Grouping

THE SAMARITANS. Do traditions of British and French Kinship Reflect Ancestral Connections?

YDNA Reversed. Was the ADAM of DNA West European?

Africa and Western Europe in DNA" by Cristian Sildan  
Proof from Africa of the Middle East Origins of R1b1!  
Y Haplogroup E also from the Middle East  

Theo Vennemann and Brit-Am

The Celts called themselves Hebrews!

The Japanese are not Hebrew! Are they from Edom?

Free (for the present) Online Book, "Mohammed Wept. A Response to Islam" by Rabbi Avraham Feld

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