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1. What is Israelite about Scotland?
2. Were the Picts of Scotland related to the Khazars?
3. Brit-Am Sources and Notes Concerning Scotland

1. Question. What is Israelite about Scotland?
Answer: Scotland contains similar elements to that of Britain in general. What applies to Britain applies to Scotland.
A cursory examination of Lowland Scottish dialect and Scottish slang revealed a great number of Hebrew words and words of Hebrew origin. Up unto about a century ago food taboos and other elements of the Mosaic Code were still recalled in Scotland and had been practiced since long before the Christian Era. At one stage Scotland was dominated by clans of Manasseh most of whom migrated to North America. The present population could be predominantly that of Ephraim, with many from Manasseh and in some areas the Tribe of Asher predominates. In fact the Israelite Tribe of Asher is the tribe of Scotland.
2. Question. Were the Picts of Scotland related to the Khazars?
Answer. The Picts of Northern Scotland were of Israelite descent. tradition connects them with the Agathyrsi of Scythia who also gave rise at a later stage to the Khazar nation in Southern Russia.
"Brit-Am Now"-195
#5. Celts and Picts and Agathyrsi

3. Brit-Am Sources and Notes Concerning Scotland
Traditions of Israelite Descent in Scotland.
"The Food Taboos of Old Scotland"

"Brit-Am Now"-74
#1. Questions and Answers Regarding the Irish and Scottish Highlanders
"Brit-Am Now"-175
#3. Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-252
#2. Jews in Scotland?
"Brit-Am Now"-265
#4. Stephen Coneglan: Scotland is Gad
"Brit-Am Now"-266
#2. Gad in Scotland and Ireland
"Brit-Am Now"-274
#5. Judaic roots of the Scots?
"Brit-Am Now"-336
#3. Jewish Melungeons and Scottish Clansmen??
"Brit-Am Now"-348
# 3. Romans wiped out Scots tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-384
"Brit-Am Now"-385
#2.Timothy F Murray: Scots
"Brit-Am Now"-405
#1. History: Tartan in Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-447
#2. "Scottish" means Hebrew-man?
"Brit-Am Now"-448
#3. Scots were Wanderers
"Brit-Am Now"-460
#2. The Picts of Scotland Misrepresented "Brit-Am Now"-461
#1. More Interesting Points about the Picts
"Brit-Am Now"-494
#1. "Isacon" (Isaac) Ancestor of the Scots (Albanus)
"Brit-Am Now"-500
#3. The Concealment
"Brit-Am Now"-506
#3. DNA claims that one in five scots has connections with Ancient Iraq
"Brit-Am Now"-538
#1. The Food Taboos of Old Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-539
#2. Timothy F Murray: Levites in Scotland?
"Brit-Am Now"-561
#3. Susan: The Glory of Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-566
#7. Culdee called Jewish heritics
"Brit-Am Now"-577
#3. Duncan Long: Additional Scottish-Hebrew Food Taboos?
"Brit-Am Now"-585
#7. Great Scotsmen
"Brit-Am Now"-594
#5. The Picts: Historical Notes and Artifacts
"Brit-Am Now"-618
#3. Alexander Klienforth and Robert Munro: More Strong Evidence Justifying Brit-Am.
(Scottish Constitutional Precedents)
"Brit-Am Now"-619
#3. Jack Flaws: Disappointed in Article on Scots Heritage
#4. Declaration of Arbroath 1320: The Text
#8. Declaration of Arbroath 1320: Sources and Comment
"Brit-Am Now"-621
#4. Ian McCrae: Scots Part of Israel.
"Jock" (Jacob) A Nickname for Scots
"Brit-Am Now"-622
#6. Wayne Laurence: Importance of Book on Scots Heritage
"Brit-Am Now"-649
#2. Art of the Picts of Scotland
"Jerusalem News"-396
#4. The Revolutionary Scotts
"Jerusalem News"-413
#3. Sunday Herald: Why Scotland has never hated Jews
"Brit-Am Now"-714
#2. Scotland in Brit-Am Biblical Codes
"Brit-Am Now"-715
#2. Jewish Scotland??
#3. Scottish pork taboo
#4. Brit-Am Articles on Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-716
#2. re Scotland: Forgotten History
"Brit-Am Now"-717
#3. Scotland: Covenanters
"Brit-Am Now"-719
#3. Isacon (Isaac) ancestor of Picts and Scots
"Brit-Am Now"-725
#2. Thomas Malloy: Covenanters in Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-733
#3. The Israelite Tribe of Asher in Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-780
#1. Dal Riada in Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-792
#8. Spain and Scotland: Ancient Connections
"Brit-Am Now"-793
#2. Spain and Scotland: Ancient Connections
"Brit-Am Now"-813
#1. Menasseh, Ephraim, and the Heritage of Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-853
#3. Steve Coneglan: Gad, Succoth and Scotland
"Brit-Am Now"-854
#3. Steve Coneglan: Gad, Israel, Scotland, Succoth, and the Thistle
"Brit-Am Now"-856
#1. Stephen Spykerman: The Royal Thistle
"Brit-Am Now"-857
#1. Bonnie Berggren: The Fruitful Thistles?
#2. Richard Griffith: Ancient Testimony to the Tartan
#3. Steve Coneglan: Scots from Gad, Irish from Asher, Sweden Naphtali
"Brit-Am Now"-881
"Brit-Am Now"-887
#4. Scotch and Irish Whiskey "from Coptic [Egyptian] or Arab alchemists"
"Brit-Am Now"-899
#2. Question on the name "Sciot"
"Brit-Am Now"-940
#3. Stone of Scone Abbey Found
"Brit-Am Now"-974
#2. Ancient Scots Mummified Their Dead
(Remnants of a Canaanite Custom?)
#3. Links between Sweden and Scotland
Scottish Settlers in Sweden
"Brit-Am Now"-988
#4. Jews in Scotland?

"Jerusalem News"-285-286
#2. Colin Powell proud to be a Scot
"Jerusalem News"396
#4. The Revolutionary Scotts

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