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Brit-Am Answers to Queries: The Controversy
Concerning Identiufication of the USA with Ephraim OR Manasseh

1. What Israelite Significance do the Confederates Have?
2. Did Ancient Israelites Visit North America Before Colombus?
3. Are there Tribal Differences between the Different Regions of the USA?
4. What is the attitude of people in the USA towards the Jews?
5. What is the relevance of the USA to the prophecy that Israel would "SAY TO THE PRISONERS, GO FORTH" [Isaiah 49:9]?
6. Brit-Am identifies the USA with Manasseh and Britain with her offshoots as Ephraim. Not everybody agrees with this identification. What is your answer?
7. What can Biblical Place-Names in the USA tell us?
8. Who Are the Melungeons?
9. Were the Founding Fathers of the USA aware of their Israelite Ancestry?
10. What about immigrants from Germany and other non-Hebrew areas? Are they also Israelites?
11. What do the Bible Codes indicate concerning America?
12. (a) What Parallels Exist between the borders of the USA and those of Ancient Israel?
(b) What does this tell us?

1. Question: What Israelite Significance do the Confederates Have?

"Brit-Am Now"-58
#1. Civil War article
Brit-Am Now-571
#7. Tracy D. Wright: Confederate Israel?
#1. The Civil War: Manasseh versus Ephraim?
Brit-Am Now-488
#4. Dan Hotaling: John Bull and Bull Run
Brit-Am Now-476
#2. Israelite Consciousness in Alabama
Brit-Am Now-587
#3. "The Confederate Flag and Holy Tabernacle. The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag"
by Pastor John Weaver [Extracts Only]

2. Question: Did Ancient Israelites Visit North America Before Colombus?

Answer: This is not a field that Brit-Am is involved in one way or another at present.
See the sources below however for more on this issue:
"Brit-Am Now"-651
#3. Phoenician Inscription on New Mexico Rock: History or hoax?

"Brit-Am Now"-652
#2. Vic Summerour: More On Hebrew Inscriptions in America

"Brit-Am Now"-654
#6. Steven Collins: Los Lunas
3. Question. Are there Tribal Differences between the Different Regions of the USA?
Brit-Am Now-445
#1. William Rasmussen: Tribal Distribution in the USA

"Brit-Am Now"-4
item 3. Arlean Kelley: American Midwest Supports Israel

"Brit-Am Now"-5
item 1. Kyna: Deeds to the land (Bible Belt)

4. Question. What is the attitude of people in the USA towards the Jews?

"Brit-Am Now"-10
#4. Rabbi Daniel Lapin: "Abrahamic" civilization:
Anti-Semitic Awakening, Israel's enemies and friends
"Brit-Am Now"-144
#1.President John Adams
"Brit-Am Now"-214
#4. Sharon Lindstrom: On the side of the good

5. Question.What is the relevance of the USA to the prophecy that Israel would "SAY TO THE PRISONERS, GO FORTH" [Isaiah 49:9]?
Answer: The history of the USA was bound up with the freeing of slaves. Indentured servants and virtually-enslaved criminals were also important in the early history of both North America and Australia.
"Brit-Am Now"-26
#1. Andrew Jackson: Jeremiah 34 no.2

Brit-Am Answers to Queries: Proofs
Question 2: Does Prophecy indicate that Africans would be brought in chains to the homeland of the Lost Ten Tribes?

6. Question. Brit-Am identifies the USA with Manasseh and Britain with her offshoots as Ephraim. Not everybody agrees with this identification. What is your answer?
Answer: This question is dealt with in our entry on "Joseph" (especially Questions 6 and 9) and related articles. Some additional references pertinent to this question are listed below.
"Brit-Am Now"-32
#2. Bartikus: U.S.A. is Ephraim

"Brit-Am Now"-41
#1. Summary of Points Made by Steven Colllins and David Skelly
#2. Ephraim "set before" Manasseh
#3. Eagle-and-arrows symbol of Massagetae of Menasseh
#4. Britain and her offspring a “multitude” of nations
#5. Number 13 in USA symbolism indicates Menasseh
#6. Population
#7. Monarchs in UK.
#8. Summary of some of the Points Made by David Skelly:
#9. Jeroboam of Ephraim A Rebel like Americans
#10. Ephraim exercises his rights as God's firstborn today
#11. Numbers:
#12. Ephraim was called an arrow
#13. "Appoint a place for my people Israel" is the USA
#14. The ten thousands of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh

"Brit-Am Now"-42
#3. Who is Ephraim?
7. Question. What can Biblical Place-Names in the USA tell us?
Answer: We did a study, "Biblical Place Names in America", that showed that very many place-names in the USA are derived from the Bible. We analysed the Tribal allocation of these names and found Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) to be overwhelmingly in the ascendant. Here and there however the place-names of other tribes were found and these tended to be bunched together according to their tribe. Someone could conceivably ascribe all this to chance but we saw in it the Hand of Divine Providence.
"Brit-Am Now"-51
#1. America and the Holy Land by Moshe Davis
#2. James = Jacob the most most popular name in the USA!
#3. Most popular US female names
#5. 50 Most Common American Surnames

"Brit-Am Now"-59
#1. Manassas, Virginia very close to Washington, DC

"Brit-Am Now"-126
"Brit-Am Now"-132
#2. Sharon Lindstrom: Names
#3. John C Shore: descendants and names
"Brit-Am Now"-133
#1. Myron Martin: "Pennsylvania Dutch"
#2. Joan Griffith: Utah
"Brit-Am Now"-135
#1. Ms. Jan: Biblical Name Parallels?
#2. Steven Collins: Carmel, CA
#3. Edith Budro: Red Indians and Arkansas
"Brit-Am Now"-140
#5. Ashton Lemonius: Biblical Names: Jamaica
"Brit-Am Now"-152
#2. Steve Collins: Rationale for Giving of Town Names
#4. PT: Ohio - A Holy Name?
"Brit-Am Now"-186
#2. Name "Jacob" now popular?
8. Question. Who Are the Melungeons?
Brit-Am Now-453
#3. Were the Melungeons Jewish?
9. Question. Were the Founding Fathers of the USA aware of their Israelite Ancestry?
Answer. The idea that major segments of the American population were of Israelite origin was probably present from the very beginning. Whether or not this belief was actually held by the Founding Fathers and important personages is uncertain but they often made statements that were consistent with such an assumption.
"Brit-Am Now"-71
#1. William Rasmussen: Puritan "Yom Kippur or Succoth"?

"Brit-Am Now"-74
#4. Early Massachusetts and Connecticut

"Brit-Am Now"-151
#1. George Washington and Genesis 49 & 50
10. Question. What about immigrants from Germany and other non-Hebrew areas? Are they also Israelites?
"Brit-Am Now"-236
#2. Were Some Immigrants from Germany
Really of Jewish Origin?
11. Question. What do the Bible Codes indicate concerning America?
Answer: The Bible Codes show that the American USA belongs to the Tribe of Joseph being especially connected to that portion of Manasseh that was once east of the Jordan. The Codes show that America is part of Israel, that Judah is an important part of America, that the fate of America is connected to the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes, and much more.
See "The USA in Biblical Codes".

Sources on the USA

12. Question. (a) What Parallels Exist between the borders of the USA and those of Ancient Israel? (b) What does this tell us?
(a) We drew up a rough map showing the Borders of the Promised Land as we understood them to be.
Brief Explanations for many of our claims on this matter may be seen at:
The Land of Israel
Dean Smallwood noticed that by rotating our map and comparing it to that of the USA a definite similarity may be observed. See the maps below.

(b) What does this tell us?
We cannot say what this tells us for sure if indeed it tells us anything and may not be attributed to pure chance.
On the other hand there are indications (that we have noted in the past) that in the Latter Times the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel as well as Judah toa degree will receive some degree of primary self-expression through the USA.
The simliarity between the maps may be a reflection of this truth.

Comparisons Pointed Out by Dean Smallwood
Notice the Similarities Between the Map of the Land of Israel as Promised in Scripture to that of the Borders of the USA!

The Land of Israel According to Scripture

The Land of Israel

Map of the Land of Israel According to its Biblical Borders Rotated 180 Degrees

Sources on the USA
"Brit-Am Now"-52
#3. Vikings in America
#4. Early Jewish colonists in the USA
#5. Was Colombus Jewish?

"Brit-Am Now"-70
#1. The early USA and Israel

"Brit-Am Now"-83
#5. Cause of the Civil War by Robert H. Graves

"Brit-Am Now"-97
#2. Betty Matteson Rhodes: Washington DC & Solomon's Temple
#3. Bush Ancestral Blood Link

"Brit-Am Now"-98
#1. Question on National emblem of USA

"Brit-Am Now"-115
#1. James Linduff: Noachide Law of USA
"Brit-Am Now"-125
#4. The USA and Englishness: Of interest
"Brit-Am Now"-126
#3. US hero: Hiram (or Harry) Bingham, IV
"Brit-Am Now"-135
#5. Chad Ryan Dohman: Presidents and Kings
"Brit-Am Now"-146
#2. Anti-Norman sentiments in early USA
"Brit-Am Now"-158
#1. GEORGE W. BUSH: The President's Hanukkah Message
#4. Mormons
"Brit-Am Now"-178
#4. Darris McNeely: The USA: A world empire fulfills the Promise to Joseph
"Brit-Am Now"-190
#1. Uncle Sam = "Samaria"?
"Brit-Am Now"-191
#1. Brother Jonathan = USA
"Brit-Am Now"-193
#6. Why That Texas Town is Named "Palestine"
"Brit-Am Now"-194
#2. Palestine, TX is the same latitude as Jerusalem
Brit-Am Now"-201
Brit-Am Now"-217
#Chad Dohman, Houston, Texas: Parallels of Presidents and Kings of Israel and Judah
"Brit-Am Now"-220
#7. Flags of the American States

"Brit-Am Now"-225
#1. Some Perspectives on Judah, the USA, and Blessings #3. Our (Joseph's) Obligations?
#4. "Why Do People Hate America?"
#5. "Chosen People"
"Brit-Am Now"-226
#1. New Light on the Situation from Micah?
#3. Question: What does the USA get out of support for Israel?
"Brit-Am Now"-215
#7. Suggestion from: Betty Rhodes concerning
MESSAGE TO OUR SOLDIERS AND CITIZENS and newer slightly altered version
"Brit-Am Now"-227
#1. US Does What Is Right
#2. Enemies of Brit-Am are the enemies of the USA and of Israel
#3. Jeremy in Canada: Right on Betty
#4. Bill Rasmussen: Betty told it like it is
#5. Cecil: Agree With Betty
"Brit-Am Now"-228
#1. Steven Collins: Ephraim and Menasseh –
Allies in the Modern World
"Brit-Am Now"-238
#4. What Percentage really are Israelite?

"Brit-Am Now"-255
#3. The Mark of a Lion
#4. The USA in Iraq: Foretold in Prophecy?
"Brit-Am Now"-264
#6. The Celt Belt in the USA
"Brit-Am Now"-272
#5. The Hatred foreseen by Hosea
"Brit-Am Now"-275
#1. The term "Yank" = Jacob?
"Brit-Am Now"-310
#3. Brother Jonathan
"Brit-Am Now"-320
#3. Biblical Identity of Southern USA?
"Brit-Am Now"-321
#1. Query on respect for leaders
#2. Cyrus and the USA
#3. Presidents on Israel
#4. USA, UK, and Israel = A Special Relationship
"Brit-Am Now"-323
#2. An Orthodox Jew in the Bible Belt
#3. Interesting article on Puritan Founders of America
"Brit-Am Now"-324
# 5. John.Taylor: Note on the Puritans in America
"Brit-Am Now"-325
#1. Note on Puritan Foundations of America
"Brit-Am Now"-325
#3. Ta Heist: More on the Puritans
"Brit-Am Now"-333
#3. A Family Named "Machir"
"Brit-Am Now"-340
#7. Ruth Thomas: British Isles Majority in US
"Brit-Am Now"-381
#6. Lynne McGuire: Rhode Island
#7. Hugh Fogelman: PURITANS WERE
"Brit-Am Now"-429
#2. John Adams, the Jews, and Zionism
"Brit-Am Now"-457
#3. City Seal of Montgomery, AL
#4. Joan Griffith: Black America
Brit-Am Now-448
#1. William Rasmussen: The Vengeance of Israel in WW2 and Psalm 18
Brit-Am Now-471
#1. From the North County, i.e. the USA?
#2. Joseph, Hebrew Origins, and Psalm 25
#3. William Rasmussen: Call to Christian Zionists
Brit-Am Now-472
5. The US Elections - A Victory for Ephraim?
(CORRECTED and repeated with picture)
Brit-Am Now-476
#2. Israelite Consciousness in Alabama
Brit-Am Now-478
#4. All Joseph represented by the Great seal of the USA?
#5. Israelites In Alabama
Brit-Am Now-485
#2. The Coming of the White Man to North America and Brit-Am Comment
Brit-Am Now-486
#1. The Civil War: Manasseh versus Ephraim?
Brit-Am Now-489
#1. Question on the name "Machir" and "America"
Brit-Am Now-492
#7. The name "America" found in the Biblical Book of Hosea?
"Brit-Am Now"-493
#5. Emma Lazarus: The New Colossus
#6. Americans nicknamed "Amis" i.e. Plural of "Ami" - "My People": Name Given to Lost Israelites Hosea 2:1
"Brit-Am Now"-502
#2. America is Joseph not Edom
"Brit-Am Now"-503
#7. Origin of the Hebrew Name for the USA "Brit-Am Now"-509
#3. President Bush from Royalty?
"Brit-Am Now"-514
#1. Jack Hertzog: Israelites in the USA
"Brit-Am Now"-516
#1. Psalms 33 & Pres. Bush
"Brit-Am Now"-567
#7. Tracy D. Wright: Confederate Israel?
"Brit-Am Now"-594
#3. Brit-Am Nations at Top of World Development
#4. Brit-Am countries top list in competitiveness
"Brit-Am Now"-598
#2. US in Danger?
Brit-Am Now-530
#2. Aliens Now Dominating USA?
Brit-Am Now-541
#5. Jack Flaws: The 7 times punishment period
Brit-Am Now-545
#4. First Map to label the New World as "America" to be Auctioned
Brit-Am Now-573
#2. Books Received
Brit-Am Now-588
#2. The USA is also Blessed?
Brit-Am Now-590
#3. Katrina
(a) West Bank in Israel and New Orleands?
(b) 8,500 Jews evacuated from Gaza 850,000 Americans forced to flee their homes in Louisiana
(c) New Orleans Evacuated
Brit-Am Now-591
#3. Message from Louisiana
#5. William Rasmussen: The Warning of Bill Koenig
#6. Henry Rhea: Another Opinion -followed by Brit-Am Comment
Brit-Am Now-593
#3. Symmetry Katrina -Katif? Israel-Judah
Brit-Am Now-600
#4. Sharon Lindstrohm: Star Spangled Banner
Brit-Am Now-616
#1. Paul Eidelberg: Biblical Roots of the USA (Extracts Only)
"Brit-Am Now"-618
#3. Alexander Klienforth and Robert Munro: More Strong Evidence Justifying Brit-Am.
(Scottish Constitutional Precedents)
"Brit-Am Now"-620
#6. Steve Mathe: Thanksgiving
"Brit-Am Now"-629
#3. Trivia?
"Brit-Am Now"-644
#5. The Rescue of Pennsylvania
"Brit-Am Now"-646
#1. Bob Davis: Pennsylvania
"Brit-Am Now"-647
#3. Tracy Wright: Scottish Heritage of Southerners
"Brit-Am Now"-648
#1. Edward Bradbrooke: Only a Few Were Masons
"Brit-Am Now"-667
#1. Amnon Goldberg: America's Founding Fathers and the Torah
"Brit-Am Now"-681
#3. Paul ?: Remarks on Truman as Cyrus[??]
"Brit-Am Now"-683
#2. "The US a Israelitish nation: wishful thinking"?
"Brit-Am Now"-701
#6. America in Brit-Am Bible Codes
"Brit-Am Now"-724
#3.  The History and Future of Israelite America
by Walter Baucum
"Brit-Am Now"-733
#1. America and Canada in Brit-Am Biblical Codes.
"Brit-Am Now"-745
#2. The Fifty States of America!!!
"Brit-Am Now"-748
#4. Kevin: Russian Germans in America
#5. Steve Coneglan: The Civil War and Joseph
"Brit-Am Now"-749
#3. The Hebraic bond by Ilana Mercer
"Brit-Am Now"-758
#9. Poll of Americans 42% Israel was given to the Jewish people by God
"Brit-Am Now"-767
#5. Characteristics of US and Menasseh in Rabbinical Sources
"Brit-Am Now"-781
#3. Ezra Stiles - An Early American believer in Israelite Origins?
"Brit-Am Now"-781
"Brit-Am Now"-786
#2. Mormon Parallels
"Brit-Am Now"-794
#1. Randall Stiver: America & Britain in Bible Prophecy in html format
"Brit-Am Now"-801
#1. Presidents Johnson and Reagan were Identification Believers!
"Brit-Am Now"-825
#3. Pax American and Brit-Am Teachings
"Brit-Am Now"-839
#2. Is the USA Really Manasseh? Or is it Ephraim?
"Brit-Am Now"-840
#1. President Bush and the Messiah son of Joseph?
#2. Steve Coneglan: Manasseh is America
"Brit-Am Now"-841
#3. Americans Biologically Different? Quotation
"Brit-Am Now"-846
#3. Pennsylvania Dutch from Germany?
#4. Scots-Irish and the USA
#5. Scots-Irish US Presidents
#6. Ancestors of George Bush
"Brit-Am Now"-847
#2. Steven Collins: Pennsylvania Dutch Indeed from Germany
"Brit-Am Now"-889
#6. Ancestry Maps in the USA
"Brit-Am Now"-908
#2. Beth Hirschman: Scotch Irish in Appalachians
"Brit-Am Now"-913
#3. The Scots Irish in the USA: Interesting Article Administrative Notes
"Brit-Am Now"-919
#3. Will Israelites Lose Control of the USA?
"Brit-Am Now"-921
#3. G. Ashley: The USA and Number Thirteeen
"Brit-Am Now"-938
#1. Steve Coneglan: New Insight into Machir of Manasseh
"Brit-Am Now"-954
#1. New York Times Article on Amerigo Vespucci
"Brit-Am Now"-962
#1. Janice: The US Brokered Oslo
"Brit-Am Now"-974
#1. The Influence of Jewish Principles on the Founders of the USA?
#4. Whites in USA under siege?
"Brit-Am Now"-975
#1. Cam Rea: Whites Under Siege in America?
"Brit-Am Now"-981
#5. Dr. Richard Griffith: The Steam Ship and Early USA
"Brit-Am Now"-992
#1. "Individuality" more of a process of Americanization
"Brit-Am Now"-993
#2. Americanization, Individualism, and Joseph
"Brit-Am Now"-1001
#1. David Jackson: Congratulations on reaching the "1000" milestone
and recommendation of "Biblical Truth" 2. New Article:
"The USA in Iraq:
Has the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes Began?"

"Jerusalem News"-181
#3. Circumcision in USA
"Jerusalem News"-240
#1. US world lead in worker output increases
"Jerusalem News"-242
#4. How The USSR Planned To Destroy Israel in 1967
"Jerusalem News"-327
#4. Welsh Prowess? (Southern Front-Line Warriors)
"Jerusalem News"-336
#3. A Would-be Quisling Describes Israeli-US Symbiosis
"Jerusalem News"-346
#4. Jews and Southern Baptists: "a family reunion"
"Jerusalem News"-371
#5. Nancy MIller: US Not to Blame
"Jerusalem News"-377
#4. Nancy: Sharon to Blame not USA followed by Brit-Am Comment
"Jerusalem News"-379
"Jerusalem News"-411
#3. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday -
"Jerusalem News"-198
#5. Overheard: US and Israel the top two nations per capita for giving charity
"Jerusalem News"-215
#2. Dahaf poll: 62% Sharon surrendered to American dictate
"Jerusalem News"-216
#2. Americans oppose settlement freeze 61%:13%
"Jerusalem News"-227
#1. US-based missiles to have global reach ("The Gates of Your Enemies")
"Jerusalem News"-238
#3. Will the USA Betray Israel?
"Jerusalem News"-240
#1. US world lead in worker output increases
Jerusalem News-280
#2.Fifth Column in USA?
Jerusalem News-292
#1. The Reason Why the USA is still a Great nation
Jerusalem News-317
#5. More wishful Thinking? Iraqi Arabs call Americans "Jews"
Jerusalem News-346
#1. Bush, Sharon, and the Bible
Jerusalem News-350
#2. Thomas Gray: U.S. behavior towards Israel
#3. Rabbi Avraham Feld: Examples of Israel's Contribution to American Defence
Jerusalem News-352
#3. Rabbi Avraham Feld: "The Myth of American Aid"
#5. U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff: Gaza is crucial to Israel's security
Jerusalem News-354
#1. The USA also receives from Israel
Jerusalem News-383
#2. Israel and the US - A God-ordained alliance?
Jerusalem News-392
#6. The Anchor of America is Israel
Jerusalem News-407
#5. Prof. Paul Eidelberg: "The Myth of Israel's Dependence on the United States"
Jerusalem News-419
#3. Sea Level and Climate: America in Danger?
Jerusalem News-464
#6. War Against Israel in Order to Hurt USA
Jerusalem News-465
#5. USA Backs Israel (for the present)
Jerusalem News-485
#4. Alabama Governor Proclaims "Stand with Israel Day"
Jerusalem News-537
#3. USA: Voters personality traits in presidential elections
Jerusalem News-542
#3. US Favorite Nations: England, Canada and Israel
Jerusalem News-576
#4. George Bush, 1844, Supported a Jewish State in Israel
Jerusalem News-593
#4. DNA. 74 million Americans w/Afro-European Genetic
Jerusalem News-643
#2. How a Jewish patriot saved America
Jerusalem News-649
#1. US Army Rabbi Subjected to Nazi Anti-Semitism by Military Chaplains
Jerusalem News-660
#1. William Rasmussen: Strange Parallels and the Muslim Menace to the USA
Jerusalem News-660
#1. William Rasmussen: Strange Parallels and the Muslim Menace to the USA
Jerusalem News-661
#3. Did Haym Salomon Really Finance The American Revolution?
Jerusalem News-662
#3. Terrorist: U.S. training helps attack, kill Jews

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