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Contents of "Brit-Am Now" Postings
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Contents of "Brit-Am Now" Postings:
"Brit-Am Now" nos 1401 to 1600

"Brit-Am Now"-1401
1. Israel and the White Race
A Refutation of Black Liberation Theology
2. What is the Brit-Am Position?
3. Dennis McGinlay lets have some common sense here!
4. Chris Josephson: Attitudes, Jones, Bible Translations
5. Thomas Malloy: Black Hebrews
6. Michael Williams: Races Came from the Tower of Babel
7. Jay: Nefertiti from Yorkshire, England.
8. David Tempelhoff: Germanics in USA from Manasseh!
9. Jack Flaws: Noah a Mongoloid?
10. Alethea: Reply to Edward Jones. Not "Priest" but Ruler!
Brit-Am Warning Against the Polluting Influence of the Kenite-Doctrine
11.A Note from Rick Richardson
12. Proverbs 8 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1402
1. Jane: Your ability to hear other people's points of view. Thank you
2. Thomas Malloy: Eschatology and the Black Hebrews
3. Anonymous: Thoughts on Race and Color
4. Bob Briggs: Who Was Asenath?
5. Michelle: Ancient Egyptians Moved to India?

"Brit-Am Now"-1403
1. Jane: Correction.
The Brit-Am ability to hear other people's points of view
2. Bob Briggs: Asenath and Historical Sources
3. Richard: The Union Jack and the Arms of Jacob
4. Onika Nugent: The Hyksos were Ammorites
5. Max Rambow: Egyptians to India?
6. Diane Herndon: Was the Torah Written on Translucent Sapphrire Stone?
7. Yair Davidiy: Asenath Was Egyptian!
8. Brit-Am Poem: Please let us Know!
9. Proverbs 9 (New King James Version).

"Brit-Am Now"-1404
1. Shelagh McKenna: Re Brit-Am, One day...we will all know the truth.
2. Dave Browning: Thoughts on the Khazars and Israel
3. Weekly Torah Portion: Genesis chs.12 to 17
"Lech-Lecha": GET THEE OUT
4. Tess from New Zealand: Aram, Country of Origin of Patriarchs
5. Poem: Biblical Proofs:

"Brit-Am Now"-1405
1. Brit-Am Does Have an Agenda!
2. Margie: Who are Gog and Magog and Gomer?
3. Amnon Goldberg: The Caucasus as a Border of Israel!
4. Why did the Lost Ten Tribes Get Lost? What was the Purpose?
5. Proverbs 10 (New King James Version)
6. Timothy Murray: You are doing good work
7. Avigdor: Only Caleb and Joshua were allowed into Eretz [Land of] Yisrael

"Brit-Am Now"-1406
1. The Name America
2. Different Explanations for the name America
Main Source:
3. Notes on the Name Canada
(a) History's mystery: How America and Canada got their names by Spyridon Moshonas
(b) Canada's name - Name origin: Encyclopedia II - Canada's name - Name origin
(c) Wikipedia: Other proposed names
4. Canada as the North Land (Jeremiah 3:12, 3:18).
5. Rabbi Kook on the Historically Favorable Effects of Searching for the Lost Ten Tribes.

"Brit-Am Now"-1407
1. Contrary to Report, Yair Davidiy Still Lives! Or so he claims!
2. Richard Atwood: Rachel Cries for the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes
3. David and Lynda Crawford: Visit to Ireland and the Prophet Jeremiah

"Brit-Am Now"-1408
1. Henry Rhea: You know you've arrived...
2. Brian Patmore:
All the best mate and keep up the good fight !!!
3. Thomas Malloy: Needs a map
4. Nathan Pround: Next Time will send flowers!
5. Bonnie Berggren: there is a Spiritual War on

"Brit-Am Now"-1409
1. Thomas Gray: an excellent point
2. Larkland Morley: Brit-Am blatantly lying?
3. Robert Cordner:
Mormons Mainly Joseph through Ephraim and also Manassah?

"Brit-Am Now"-1410
1. Dan Henrik: good to hear
2. Chaplain Kerry L. Bulls: All nations are related to Noah and his family
3. Tess: not an issue of supremacy but of responsibility
4. Sharon Sedeen: little praise in Poem for America?
5. Michelle Bowie: Tribes not exclusively white!
7. Richard: The anti-Jewish Christain Viewpoint
8. Larkland Morley: Dark Skinned Islands Also Exist
9. Edward Anderson: mixed marriages going on in the tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-1411
1. Sharon Sedeen: Questions on Khazars, Talmud, Edom, Karaites?
2. Single Mother of Five Supports Brit-Am
3. Bob Davis: The Beacon Fires of British Hills
4. A Thousand Generations?
5. Brian Patmore: Seventy-two languages at Mount Sinai?
6. David Jackson: Did the Heroine of Solomon Suffer from too Much Sunshine?
7. Rechabites: A New and Unexpected Source?
Jewish Traditions Placed the Lost Ten Tribes in the British Isles!!

"Brit-Am Now"-1412
1. Bye, Bye, Merlin
2. In Simple Terms what does the new Rechabite Finding Prove?
3. Proverbs 11 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1413
1. Mark: I really enjoy the email posts
2. Extract from Jewish Holy Book Predicted Arab Domination, its Termination and War with Europe.
3. Richard E Atwood Recommends Article by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

"Brit-Am Now"-1414
1. Nathan Proud to Brit-Am: "You really do have to control your sensitivities"
2.Michael Ekwunife Okoli III: Requests for Information and Documentation on Esau
3. George Forrester Criticizes Brit-Am For Not loving Arabs!

"Brit-Am Now"-1415
1.David Jackson: The Israelis ...Seek to Live Peacefully"
2. New Series about Edom: First Articles and Poem
3. Proverbs 12

"Brit-Am Now"-1416
1. George Forrester: What I Meant by "Palestine of Abraham"
2. Pride Compensates for Inadequacy?
3. Brit-Am New Appeal: Important!
4. New Article on Edom
Nations of Esau in Ancient Times
5. Benjamin: Brit-Am overly romantic and idealistic

"Brit-Am Now"-1417
1. Where does the Bible speak of England or Britain?
2. Tammy Quackenbush: In Defence of South Korea
3. New Article:
The Jews from Judah in Demographic History

"Brit-Am Now"-1418
1. Pastor James PS Templeton: Inspiring message on Elijah
2. Dirik Saemundsson:
Ravens and the Keeping of the Sabbath in Ancient Iceland
3. The Name Aegel in England as a Place-Name
4. Question on Order of Encampment and Position of Manasseh
5. Spain, Portugal, German Jews and Benjamin.
In Furtherance of our Article, The Jews of Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-1419
1. Poetry: Jasmine Elizabeth McMeeking: Poetry
2. Damon Casale: it's Ephraim who wears the crown
3. More About the Encampment in the Wilderness and Face of the Clock
4. New Article:
Characteristics of Esau
5. Two Midrashim about Matchmaking

"Brit-Am Now"-1420
1. New Poem from Jasmine. HOME
2. Tess: Ephraim and the Crown
3. Damon Casale: Beth-El Stone a direct link to the Divine Presence!

"Brit-Am Now"-1421
1. New Poem from Jasmine.
FEATHERS - Shir Ahava [Love Song]
2. Brit-Am Updates and Request
3. Pleased with Poems and Requests to Display Them.
4. Bo Ronn: Israelites are attracted to the Sea!
5. World Problems of Israelite Nations:
Brit-Am May Provide a Solution!

"Brit-Am Now"-1422
1. Mimi Dempers: born and bred in Mauritius
2. Ancient British Geneaological List: Names of Interest
3. Proverbs 13 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1423
1. Question on Norway, Anti-Semitism, and Israelite Origins
2. Brit-Am and Belief in the Bible
3. Brian Patmore: Irish Surnames of Biblical Significance

"Brit-Am Now"-1424
1. New Article. The Family of Esau
2. THE KOTEL [Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel]
A Poem by Jasmine Elizabeth McMeeking
3. Derek McConnell: White flight
Will Israelites Become Minorities in their own Lands?

"Brit-Am Now"-1425
1. Brit-Am Sundries.
2. Brian Patmore: Is Israelite Minoritization a Divine Strategy to Get us to Move?
3. The River Jordan, Dan, and the Rhine [ Eridanus] River in Europe
4. Were Not Israelites Partly Canaanites and destined to be Enslaved?
5. Are Not Racial Characteristics Milseading?
6. Is a European Preferable to Someone from Sudan?
7. Contacting Heaven? A Brit-Am Insight

"Brit-Am Now"-1426
1. Message for Chanukkha from Steve Mathe
2. Is Australia the Land of Sinim (Isaiah 49:12) or does it refer to China?
3. Proverbs 14.

"Brit-Am Now"-1427
1. Brit-Am, Ephraimites, the Temple, the State of Israel, and the Law of Moses
2. Chanukhha
(a) Good Wishes from Bert.
(b) Brit-Am Articles on Chanukhha and the Maccabees
(1. Collation of Sources written by Others
(2. Antiochus and the Revolt of the Maccabees
3. Proverbs 15 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1428
1. Shelagh McKenna: Observations on Sorcery
2. Michael Williams: "War like Characteristics of Ephraim"
3. Fal: the entire Bible is enough for us to know of Him

"Brit-Am Now"-1429
1. Fal: Enjoyed Weekly Portion.
2. Live and Learn. Edgar says, The twelve sons of Jacob... were all black people!
3. Not Enough Talmudic-Rabbinical Sources? Communication no. One
4. Not Enough Talmudic References? Communication no.Two
5. Brit-Am, British Christian Zionism, and John Nelson Darby no.1
6. Brit-Am, British Christian Zionism, and John Nelson Darby no.2
7. Proverbs 16 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1430
1. Raymond Lawrence: Americans are peace-loving people!
2. Reactions to Edgar M Leonard Sr.
Edgar says, The twelve sons of Jacob... were all black people!
(a) Damon Casale: *Everyone wants to be the chosen people.*
(b) Margaret Weston: What was your answer?
(c) mtrankov1: Options for Contemplation
(d) Mark Robinson: Black Israelitism
3. Betty: enjoy your site.
4. Steven Collins: Prophecy Updates and Commentary
5. Proverbs 17 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1431
1. Brit-Am e-mail posting policies
2. All Letters (unless expressly requested otherwise) on Brit-Am Matters May be published!!!
3. Cristian Sildan: Issachar in Central Europe?
4. Henry Rhea: "Special Knowledge" and the Chosen People
5. Proverbs 18 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1432
1. Well done...Israel's son.
2. Liked Poem.
3. Marsh Stedman Hare: Poem
4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Israel to become a Functional Family
5. Owen Murphy: Very well and fairly stated
6. Pastor James Templeton: Thanks for the Statement
7. Proverbs 19 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1433
1. Do the Jews Really Exist?
Converts from West European Nations Amongst the Jewish People
(a) The Present Wave of Anti-Semitism in Western Europe
(b) The Existence of the Jews in History
(c) Converts to Judaism of West European Origin
2. Question concerning Old English Word and Hebrew
3. Proverbs 20 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1434
1. The Torah Codes and South Africa.
2. Avigdor: The World Crisis, Judah, and the Lost Ten Tribes
3. New Article: The Scottish Tartan Cloak of Joseph

"Brit-Am Now"-1435
1. Answers to Criticism of the Brit-Am Understanding of the Coat of Joseph
2. Brian Patmore: The Celtic Areas of Spain
3. Changes and New Entries to Tartan Article

"Brit-Am Now"-1436
1. Brit-Am Answers More Criticism from TG about the Coat of Joseph

"Brit-Am Now"-1437
1. Kerry Smith: Video Clip of Statue of Joseph
2. Peter Kleyheeg: Was the Coat of Joseph Merely a Long Sleeved Robe?
3. Jay: Earnest Klein's Etymological Dictionary Says "Long Sleeves"
Ginsberg says "Coat of Many Colors".
4. Murray Allatt: "A captivating and enthralling dialogue"
5. New Article:
Scottish Tartan and the Temple Garments

"Brit-Am Now"-1438
1. TRL: Would Joseph Have Remade His Garment?
2. Bob Davis: The Statue of Joseph
3. Does Brendan Mean "Son of Dan"?
4. Cathy: Thank You for Your Research
5. Proverbs 21 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1439
1. What Did Happen to the Coat of Joseph?
2. George Forrester: Historical Parallels of Ahab versus Aram
3. Didrik Saemundsson: The Diamond (Square) Tartan-Type Mode of Weaving in the Temple Garments

"Brit-Am Now"-1440
1. Interesting Article on Adiabene and Brit-Am Remark
2. Icelandic Translation of the Bible and the Coat of Joseph
3. Who Are the Frisians?
4. New Article. Tartan in Ancient Times
5. Proverbs 22 (New King James Version)

"Brit-Am Now"-1441
1. Ingileif: Clarification Concerning Icelandic Bible Rendition
2. Prices for Brit-Am Publications INCLUDE Everything!
3. New Article:
Tartan in Ancient Britain and in Masada of Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-1442
1. Dennis McGinlay as a Lad in Tartan
2. Answers to Historical Criticism of Brit-Am: Cimmerians and Scythians
3. New Article:
Tartan in Scotland

"Brit-Am Now"-1443
1. Owen Murphy: "reach the man on an individual basis"!
2. James W.: Ten Tribes Lost Awareness
3. John Montgomery: Question on Gomer and the Celts
4. David Bedwell: Lost Ten Tribes = Gentile?
5. New Article: Tartan in Ireland.

"Brit-Am Now"-1444
1. Question Concerning What Languages the Scythians and Cimmerians Spoke
2. Alistair Williams:
Coat of Many Colors both a blessing and a curse!
3. Jew from Iran has Tradition of Descent from Ephraim

"Brit-Am Now"-1445
1. New Article.
Taliban-Who? Pathans are NOT Israelites!
Towel-Headed Oppressors of Womenfolk Not Hebrews!
2. New Articles. Tartan in Ulster.
Part One. Welcome to Ulster.
Part Two: Titanic Tartans and Clifford Smyth.
3. The Tartan Patterned Colored Coat of Joseph - A New Source.
4. Question About Syrian Jews and Israelite Tribes
5. Cam Rea: Scythians Probably Spoke Aramaic!

"Brit-Am Now"-1446
1. Cristian Sildan: Historical Information from Rumania
2. George Forrester: The Link Between Tehran (Iran) and Warsaw (Poland)!
3. Jane E Marchant: Subject:
Scythians and Cimmerians Mainly Spoke Paleo Hebrew, not Aramaic
4. What Are the Colors of Israel?
5. Michael Williams: Pictures of Birds from New Zealand

"Brit-Am Now"-1447
1. New Feature: The Great Tartan Disputation
2. Judah and Joseph Must Acknowledge Each Other!
3. Proverbs 23.

"Brit-Am Now"-1448
1. George Forrester: Maryland USA and the Valley of Achor
2. Ron Fraser: Brit-Am is Appreciated
3. Message and Questions from New York
4. The Great Tartan Disputation Continued
TG Makes a Come-Back! Rounds Four and Five
5. Models of Phoenician Boats found in the British Isles

"Brit-Am Now"-1449
1. The Great Tartan Disputation: Round Six.
TG Begins to Crack Up
2. David and Lynda Crawford: Appreciate Brit-Am Bible Commentary
3. Proverbs 24.

"Brit-Am Now"-1450
1. Ancient Eastern Influences in Ireland.
Interesting Observations from Ignatius Donnelly [1882]
2. Trevor Reeves: Searching for New Zealanders
3. Tithes and Offerings for Brit-Am
4. Setting the record Straight: What Does DNA Really Say?
5. What do you mean by "Support Israel and the Jews"?
6. Jews Do Play an Important Role in Brit-Am!
7. The State of Israel in Biblical Prophecy

"Brit-Am Now"-1451
1. New Article.
The Great Tartan Disputation. Round Seven. Finale
2. Live and Learn: Tamika and Eugene say Hebrews were Black
3. TG versus Brit-Am; TG (almost) Hits the Nail on the head [but hurts his own hand!!]
4. Books Received.
5. New Brit-Am Magazine to be titled "New Tribesman"

"Brit-Am Now"-1452
1. The Jastrow Dictionary on Talmud.
Brit-Am Understanding of the Tartan Patterned Many Colored Coat of Joseph Confirmed Yet Again!
2. Question on Ptolemy, Gomara, and Sambation.
3. Cherie Koch: Esau and David were Ruddy
4. Dennis McGinlay: The Almighty Has a Purpose. for Creating Israelites as they are!
5. Michelle Bowie: It Takes All Types.. Black People not a Multitude in Israel
6. Brit-Am Responses to Tamika and Eugene on Color
7. Proverbs 25.

"Brit-Am Now"-1453
1. Jewish Source of Interest concerning the Ten Tribes
2. Nathan Proud: Re color, Brit-Am should be more serious!
3. Cotonet Pasim means a Checkered Coat!!

"Brit-Am Now"-1454
1. Purchasing "New Tribesman": Cook Islands (New Zealand) Anecdote.
2. Brit-Am reflects the will of the Bible and the will of the Israelite Nation!
3. Stephen McLeod: Your call for repentance is inspiring!
4. Pastor James PS Templeton: Appreciation of 1-Kings ch.21 Commentary
5. New Article: Brit-Am Verbally Topples TOP

"Brit-Am Now"-1455
1. Racial Inheritance is anathema to Certain Types. Re Y. Fogelman
2. Owen Murphy: Freckled Faces and the Speckled Trees of Jacob
3. Proverbs 26.

"Brit-Am Now"-1456
1. TG comes to rescue YF from Brit-Am!
2. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Biblical Promises and Brit-Am
3. Larkland Morley, Israelites, and Intermixture with Other Peoples

"Brit-Am Now"-1457
1. A. Cohen: Race and the Lost Ten Tribes
2. Ephraim and Manasseh:
Additions to Article and How TG and YF Epitomize Ephraim and Manasseh!
3. Nathan Proud: Why apologize About Race?

"Brit-Am Now"-1458
1. The Lost Ten Tribes and Bohemia (Czechosloavakia etc)
2. John Salverda: The Hebrew Origins of Greek Mythology: URLS and Extracts
3. Good Reactions to Poem about Zebulon and the Dutch
(a) John Salverda
(b) Steven Collins

"Brit-Am Now"-1459
1. David Jackson: Quotation from Lincoln
2. Abraham Rempel, "Mennonite Israel, Our Hebrew Origin"
3. Cristian Sildan: Novak, Macedonians, Armani, Pelasgians
4. Cherie Koch: The Girl from Holland Still Dams the Water!
5. Michelle: "a friendly warning on martial arts"

"Brit-Am Now"-1460
1. Brit-Am and Funding.
2. John Salverda: More Associations of Israel with Saturn
3. Duncan Long: you should never hesitate to ask
4. Brit-Am Challenged Over Its Fund-Raising!
5. What Does the Brit-Am Money Go On?

"Brit-Am Now"-1461
1. Duncan Long: Too many suffer even more than they should
2. Question on Rape Attacks in the Street
3. New Series and New Article:
"Helleno-Yishurin. The Hebrew Origin of Greek Legends"
by-John R. Salverda
Danaans by-John R. Salverda

"Brit-Am Now"-1462
1. C. Daughter Became Victim.
2. Rape. The Other Side of the Story: Incidents
Illicit Sex Forbidden by the Torah
(a) Falsely Accused
(b) Almost Accused
(c) Jury to consider verdict in rape trial
3. Question on Nazarines and Pacifism
4. New Article: Dan in Ireland and Wales
5. Proverbs 27.

"Brit-Am Now"-1463
1. New Article:
Europa and Jeroboam of Israel by John R. Salverda
2. Bo Ronn: The Griffin Symbol and A Province of Dan in Sweden?
3. Damage to 12 Year Old Daughter Caused by Rape

"Brit-Am Now"-1464
1. Aaron Dunn: Question and Remarks re Cherokee Indians
2. John Salverda: New Articles
Sisyphus and Joseph; Salmoneus as Judah; Moses, Hermes, and Io.
3. New Article: "Giving to Brit-Am" by Avigdor

"Brit-Am Now"-1465
1. Question Concerning the Israelite Tribe of Asher
2. Aryeh Levi: Suggestion to use Biblical Verse
3. Chuck Calahan: PM Benjamin Netanyahu Misinterprets Ezekiel 37!

"Brit-Am Now"-1466
1. The Vandals, the Tribe of Asher, North Africa and Phoenicia
2. New Article: Should Joseph be Green?
3. Proverbs 28.

"Brit-Am Now"-1467
1. New Articles by John R. Salverda
2. The Importance of Brit-Am to (a) Judah and (b) The Ten Tribes
3. Books Received.

"Brit-Am Now"-1468
1. Some Limitations (and strengths) of the Brit-Am Exposition
2. New Article:
Perseus and the Medusa by John R. Salverda
3. Jeremy Burningham : Whats slowing us down

"Brit-Am Now"-1469
1. Dennis McGinlay: Jews And Ephraimites.
2. New Article: Are the British and Scandinavians Semites or European?
Questions on Anglos Belonging to the Indo-European Race and Language
3. New Subscriber from Norway.

"Brit-Am Now"-1470
1. Brit-Am Proof From the Dubai Hit! James Bond and the Lost Ten Tribes
2. Brian Patmore: Our diversity will be our strength
3. Using Brit-Am Sources.
4. Books Received.
5. Some Brit-Am Articles Still in Progress

"Brit-Am Now"-1471
1. New Articles by John Salverda
2. Inspired by Brit-Am Commentary to Psalms
3. Question on the Khazars.
4. Question on Czech People and Israelite Origins
5. Proverbs 29 (NKJV).

"Brit-Am Now"-1472
1. New Article: The Irish Hero Dagda and Samson
2. New Series of Articles. Messiah Son of David in the Bible no.1
3. Proverbs Chapter 30.

"Brit-Am Now"-1473
1. Should I Allow a Search by an Airport Body Scanner?
2. Conversation about Brit-Am Historical Researches with a Jewish Historian
3. Articles about a Canaanite and Assyrian presence in West Africa

"Brit-Am Now"-1474
1. Deb Noble: Appreciates Psalm 145
2. Brit-Am Publications Being Distributed in Israel
3. Owen Murphy: Brit-Am Commentary on Psalm 145 "Excellent"

"Brit-Am Now"-1475
1. New Article: The Aryan Monkey
Human Adaptation to Environment Reflected in Physical Appearance.
2. Answer to Claim that Brit-Am People No longer Fulfill the Blessing of Multitidinous
3. Proverbs Chapter 31: Part One

"Brit-Am Now"-1476
1. New Article. The Lost Ten Tribes and DNA
2. Jim Wright: The blessings also came with curses for disobedience.
3. Proverbs: Chapter 31 Continued. A Woman of Valor
4. Michelle Bowie: Lost Tribes Now Suffering a Curse?
5. PJRieke: "Jacob's Trouble".

"Brit-Am Now"-1477
1. Chuck C. : The promise to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob has been fulfilled
2. Brit-Am helps Joseph and Judah
3. You Were Created as You Would Have Wanted to Be!

"Brit-Am Now"-1478
1. David Jackson: Thanks for the explanation on how we wished to be created.
2. Did the Khazars convert to Judaism or return to Judaism?
3. Biblical Interpretation: Derash and the Literal Meaning. The RADAK

"Brit-Am Now"-1479
1. New Articles:
The Earliest West European Beliefs in their Israelite Origins
Israelite Origin Traditions: Netherlands: Holland, Frisia
2. Possible New Insights to Israelite Migrations: The Huns in Scandinavia
3. Isaiah Chapter 1.

"Brit-Am Now"-1480
1. Answer to Question on Koestler and the Khazars.
2. Question on Joseph versus Judah in the light of Obama and his histrionics
3. Bo Ronn (from Sweden): " Malmo now called the Swedish Gaza"
4. Orjan Svensson: Genetic study of Finns shows closeness to Dutch. Issachar and Zebulon?
5. All Palestinians to Emigrate to Brazil? A New Solution

"Brit-Am Now"-1481
1. Craig Blackwood: the TRUE BLUES
2. Jennie Schmidt: Future Prospects?
3. Israeli TV Humor about the Lost Tribes: Many a True Word Spoken in Jest!
4. Bonnie Berggren: Swedes in US believe in the Bible and support Israel
5. Polemics. New Article
Brit-Am Versus TG over the Poem "Hebrew Nations"

"Brit-Am Now"-1482
1. Brian Patmore: Vikings Blocked Roman Escape Route?
2. New Article by John Salverda. Bellerophon and Pegasus
3. Important New Article:
The Malbim and Survivors from the Lost Ten Tribes in the Future

"Brit-Am Now"-1483
1. Polemics: Brit-Am Topples Topless TOP
2. Cecil: Is the USA Finished?
3. Renka: Source of Information Requested re Predicted 2017 Islamic Attack
4. Are the Two Messiahs Both Destined to Ride on Equids?
5. Israel is destined to Conquer the World!

"Brit-Am Now"-1484
1. Question Concerning Gomer and Scandinavia
2. Question about the Parentage of the Future Messiah
3. Question on Messiah son of Joseph and Sources

"Brit-Am Now"-1485
1. New Articles by John Salverda.
"Bellerophon, Joshua, and the Canaanite Conquest of Lycia in Turkey"
"Bellerophon, the Amazons and the Reproach of Egypt"
"Bellerophon and Joshua, the Conquest Left Incomplete"
2. Jonathan Caro: Advice and Encouragement
3. "There is still hope for the USA!"

"Brit-Am Now"-1486
1. Polemics, New Article.
Aussie Blues. TG Challenges Brit-Am Over the Land of Sinim-Australia Equation!
2. Bonnie Berggren: Your Prime Minister did a Great Job
3. Dorothy Daigle: One Jerusalem

"Brit-Am Now"-1487
1. Brit-Am Pesach (Year 5710) Break. No Posts for a Week
2. Pesach Message to Brit-Am Supporters from Steve Mathe
3. Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem.

"Brit-Am Now"-1488
1. Additions to article:
(a) The Irish Hero Dagda and Samson.
(b) Irish Descended from King David?
2. Deena Colmorgen: Brit-Am Principles "are wonderful!"
3. Messages to Brit-Am:
(a) Dirk L. Hudson: Thanks for all that you do
(b) William Rasmussen: "All of us who believe in this are deepy indebted to you"
4. A Book About the Two Messiahs?
5. Article Upgraded: Aussie Blues
Extracts (New Additions):
Egyptian and Australian Aboriginal DNA
Bible Codes Vindicated in General and by Finds Concerning Australia and New Zealand.

"Brit-Am Now"-1489
1. The Two Horns of Joseph: Ephraim and Manasseh
2. Very interested in the re-print of your book, "Lost Israelite Identity"
3. Amnon Goldberg: Jewish Literature (in English) Concerning the Mashiach ben Yoseph

"Brit-Am Now"-1490
1. The Messiah son of Joseph is NOT identical with the Christian Messiah.
2. George Forrester: Are the Boers of South Africa Israelites or Descendants of Edom?
3. Interesting Sources Concerning the Picts of Scotland

"Brit-Am Now"-1491
1. Brian Patmore: Arabs to South America!
2. New Article About the Huguenots and the Tribe of Gad
3. The Biblical-Israelite Consciousness of the Afrikaner-Boers of South Africa

"Brit-Am Now"-1492
1. New Article.
THE SAMARITANS. Do Traditions of British and French Kinship Reflect Ancestral Connections?
2. George Forrester
(a) Huguenots a Religion not a People!
(b) Boers of South Africa may be Persian (and not Edomite as previously suggested!!!) ??
3. Tacitus and Caesar on the Ancient Britons

"Brit-Am Now"-1493
1. P. J. Rieke: Perhaps Elijah was a Nazirite?
2. Brian Patmore: "De Bello Gallico" by Julius Ceasar
3. Question About Gibraltar
4. The Brit-Am Thesis in Short.
5. Did Brit-Am Insult or Flatter Hussein Obama?

"Brit-Am Now"-1494
1. Brit-Am Message. 2. The Khazars and the Scythians
3. New DNA article: "Africa and Western Europe in DNA" by Cristian Sildan
4. New Article: "Cracker True" by Yair Davidiy
5. Ecclesiastes [The Preacher] chapter one.

"Brit-Am Now"-1495
1. The Kings of Judah and Israel: Upgraded
2. Brit-Am Site a Blessing
3. Ecclesiastes [The Preacher] 2

"Brit-Am Now"-1496
2. David McLeod: The Grand Union flag: Illustration
3. Ecclesiastes 3. A Time and Place for Everything

"Brit-Am Now"-1497
"Australia, New Zealand, and Israel"
1. Article by Bruce McKerras "Interesting"
2. Lorraine Harvey:
Were Australians and New Zealanders the Arrows of Ephraim (Zechariah 9:3) in the Bow of Judah?
3. The Anzacs [Australian and New Zealand Army Corps] and Israel?
a common destiny by Kelvin Crombie. Brief Extracts

"Brit-Am Now"-1498
1. Letter from South Africa. Posted with Permission.
# poor white citizens begging and sleeping in the South African cities streets #
2. Letter of Appreciation from a Veteran Brit-Am Fan, i.e. TG
3. New Article:
Are The Ten Tribes the Same as Gentiles?
4. Lynda Crawford: Great Message on the ANZACs and Israel
5. New Article.
The Return of the Ten Tribes. Selected Sources. Bible References

"Brit-Am Now"-1499
1. Bruce McKerras from New Zealand not Australia!
2. Are Biblical Verses (concerning the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes) really referring to Establishment of the State of Israel?
3. Ecclesiastes 4

"Brit-Am Now"-1500
1. Jane E. Marchant: Israelite Nations Got the Internet First!
New Zealand not the same as Australia!
2. New Article.
Traditions of Israelite Descent in Scotland
3. Ecclesiastes 5.

"Brit-Am Now"-1501
1. Brit-Am Answers to Mockery and Criticism
3. Ecclesiastes 6.

"Brit-Am Now"-1502
1. New Subscriber from South Africa.
2. Irate Muslim Protests Brit-Am Statement
3. Tess from NZ: Ephraim Still Awakening

"Brit-Am Now"-1503
1. THE ROOTS OF ISLAM ARE PAGAN by Stephen Spykerman
2. Brit-Am reply "was excellent"
3. Edward Anderson: Ten Tribes "have NEVER been "Torah observant"!!!"

"Brit-Am Now"-1504
1. New Article:
"What Difference Does it Make?
What does it matter to you Who the Lost Tribes Are?"
2. Jane E Marchant: ALE did not send Mohammed!
3. Ditrick: Iceland Apoligizes for Volcano; Adam had seven sons
4. Ron Hoover: Stephen Spykerman said it like it is
5. Brian: Israel, Ireland, and Spain
6. Thomas Malloy:
"The Holy Torah, and the British Common Law legal system that grew out of it".
7. Thomas Malloy: A New Map of the Promised Land?

"Brit-Am Now"-1505
1. Why The State of Israel Should be Supported!
2. Dave Sanders : Spreading the Brit-Am message
3. Athol Bloomer: Shocked at the posts offensive to Muslims
4. Yair in accident. Brit-Am Options?
5. Nathan Proud : Video Presentation?
6. Need for Wikipedia Article about Brit-Am
7. Owen Murphy:
Against financial burden laid on the membership BUT The tithing principle is valid Biblically

"Brit-Am Now"-1506
1. JERUSALEM By William Blake (abridged)
2. David & Lynda Crawford: Thank you for all you do
3. New Member.
4. New Article
The Prophet Balaam and Barak Hussein.
Obama, Fareed, and the Promises to Israel.
5. Ecclesiastes 7.

"Brit-Am Now"-1507
1. Tammy Quackenbush: Tartan Patterns and Xinjiang Mummies
2. Brit-Am Support Groups Problematic?
3. Am I Under a Curse?
Advice for When Everything Seems to go wrong.

"Brit-Am Now"-1508
1. Question on the Bow of Judah and the Arrows of Ephraim.
Parallels in Prophecy between the Maccabees and Ephraim in the Future.
2. New Article:
The Khazars, Manasseh, and the USA
3. Ecclesiastes 8.

"Brit-Am Now"-1509
1. New Article:
The Order of Encampment in the Wilderness
and its Historical Significance (Illustrated)
2. Sundries
(a) Downloading Brit-Am .mp3 recordings
(b) Conspiracy Theories
(c) Marriage and Divorce.
(d) The magazine
(e) Funds
3. Ecclesiastes 9.

"Brit-Am Now"-1510
1. Dennis McGinlay: "Enjoyed your talk on Kings ch 3"
2. Pleased with Brit-Am Publications
3. Re divorce etc. For Every rule there is an exception.
4. Jeremy Burningham: In Defence of Conspiracy Theory
5. Ecclesiastes 10

"Brit-Am Now"-1511
1. Glenda Smith: Totally Agrees with Jeremy
2. Brit-Am receives Good Wishes from a Veteran Critic
3. Rob John, apparent Arab sympathizer with military interest, Sends Brit-Am a Query
4. Is Joseph About to Face a Period of Tribulation? by R
5. Ecclesiastes 11.

"Brit-Am Now"-1512
1. David Tempelhoff [USA]: The Bible ( Torah) clearly says God gave the land to Israel.
2. Ailton Barros [Spain] : Israel is the Heart of the entire word
3. Thomas Gray [Bolivia, USA]: Amerindians Not Analogous to Palestinian Case
4. Brian Patmore [Australia]: A Message to Judah and Israel
5. Ecclesiastes 12.

"Brit-Am Now"-1513
1. Blessing from Finland.
2. Brit-Am Short-Term Operational Wishes
3. New Article:
The DNA War Against Brit-Am.
Nazi Vermin Attack Brit-Am DNA Explanation.
4. New Article: Stephen Spykerman: THE OLDEST TITLE DEED IN THE WORLD
5. David Tempelhoff: Judah is the Royal Lion and Ephraim is the Bull.
6. Ailton Barros: Portugal and Brazil
7. Allan Dane: No Curse, We Win!
8. Passages Offensive to the Cleaners of Shoes Removed
9. Hosea chapter 1.

"Brit-Am Now"-1514
1. Sharon: Present Day USA Reminiscent of Biblical Israelite Decadence?
2. Michelle Bowie: Alton Barros from the Tribe of Simeon?
3. Rabbinical Source:
Each Tribe has "its own manner of serving the Almighty which for it becomes a Fundamental Principle".

"Brit-Am Now"-1515
1. David Bell (Australia): "one of the wonderful passages of scripture"
2. Brit-Am Sales Representative in South Africa:
3. Ailton Barros: Crypto-Jews, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil
4. Question on Scythian Languages and Writing.
5. New Article:
"Have The Ten Tribes Ever Been Torah Observant?" by Edward Anderson

"Brit-Am Now"-1516
1. Question: Does the identification of Transporting Slaves (Isaiah 45:14) not also apply to Central and South America?
2. Rob John: The Word "Hail" does not derive from the Hebrew "Halel"!
3. Bruce McKerras: The Land of Israel Belongs to Israelites!

"Brit-Am Now"-1517
1. Benjamin Fourie: South Africa and Afrikaans
2. Was Asenath, Wife of Joseph, really an Egyptian?
3. New Article:
4. David Bell: Welsh Stick Language is Pure Hebrew!
5. Nathan Proud: Brainwashing in Schools and Universities
6. Bo Ronn: We Scandinavians from the "flock" understand it very well!
7. Hosea 2.

"Brit-Am Now"-1518
1. Brian Patmore: Remark on Hosea ch.2
2. Brit-Am Introduction on You Tube
3. Hosea 3.

"Brit-Am Now"-1519
1. Sharon S: Muslims in USA constantly attempting to proselytize my daughter!
2. Publications Received.
3. Max Rambow: Ogham Script and Hebrew?

"Brit-Am Now"-1520
1. New Article:
Finland and the Ten Tribes. Traditions of Israelite Descent and Finland
2. Arab Diaspora prepares the Way for the Eventual Absorption of all the Palestinians when they leave Israel.
3. Hosea 4: Warning: The Birds of the Air and the Fish of the Sea Will Be Taken Away!

"Brit-Am Now"-1521
1. Non-Israelite Elements Are Also Present Amongst Ten Tribes Nations
2. New Article:
Ancient Egyptian Findings in South-West Spain (Tarshish)??
3. Hosea 5: Ephraim and Judah will yet Seek the Almighty!

"Brit-Am Now"-1522
1. New Article:
The Similarity Between English and Hebrew. Examples from a Biblical Passage Chosen Arbitrarily.
2. New You Tube Video:
Ten Tribes in the West Brit-Am Biblical Overview.avi
3. Hosea 6.

"Brit-Am Now"-1523
1. New Article:
Tribal Symbols on the Doors of the Sephardic Synagogue in Nachlaot, Jerusalem, Israel: Pictures
2. Question About the "Mixed Multitude" and Israelites
3. Latest Brit-Am You Tube Production Has Promise
5. Question on Leprosy in the Bible

"Brit-Am Now"-1524
1. You Tube Brit-Am Biblical Proofs: Spread this Message
2. Reactions to You Tube Videos.
3. Question on Davidic Ancestry "and the Irish connection re Jeremiah or Baruch"?
4. Possibly Important Letter received from Afghanistan??
5. New Article:
Chamish and the X-Rays

"Brit-Am Now"-1525
1. John Wharton: Brit-Am List of Biblical Proofs is excellent!
2. Peter from Dunedin, New Zealand: Clarifying Some Issues
3. Books Received.
"Surnames of the British Isles, a Comprehensive Collection" by Oren Davies

"Brit-Am Now"-1526
1. Brit-Am You Tube Video Clips Now All Embedded on Brit-Am Site
2. Mark A. Robinson: Atom Bombs Saved Japanese Lives!
3. "We Con the World" Musical Clip Recommended by Subscriber from Norway
4. Kerry Bullls: Islamic Jihadists want to kill us all !
5. Brian Patmore: Japanese Were Not to be Pitied!

"Brit-Am Now"-1527
1. Mark A. Robinson: Caroline Glick in "We con the World" video.
2. Tess: Japanese Were also the Enemies of New Zealand
3. Oljetreet Britt: Looking for other Brit-Am People in Norway and the North
4. Thomas Malloy: Closing of the Muslim Mind
5. Kerry Bulls: First the revelation and then finding it in the Bible.

"Brit-Am Now"-1528
1. Jennie Schmidt: We just love that "We Con the World" video.
2. Thomas Gray: Jap Wack. The Japanese Mitsuo Fuchida and other Matters
3. Cecil Davis: Jap Wack. "We had to, at all costs, unconditionally defeat both of them."
4. Nathan Proud: Jap Wack. Craig White Foresees Japan Attacking Australia!
5. Brian Patmore: Jap Whack. "The enemy knows who the Israelite nations are and are targeting them!"

"Brit-Am Now"-1529
1. New Article and You Tube Video: THE ORIGIN OF THE LOST TEN TRIBES. Division from Judah
2. New Article and You Tube Video: The Exile of the Ten Tribes
3. David Bell: Jap Wack. Indonesians Now Want Australia?

"Brit-Am Now"-1530
1. Jack Flaws: Jap Wack. A Jew-Hating Conspiracy Freak Defends Nippon, Accuses Anglos
2. Formation of Local e-mail Brit-Am Subscriber Groups: Let Scandinavia Show the Way
3. Brit-Am Movement Subscriber Obligations?

"Brit-Am Now"-1531
1. New Article and You Tube Video: The Jews are Judah!
2. Cecil Davis: Jap Wack. Flaws, Flawed, and False
3. South African Brit-Am E-Mail Group in Formation.
4. Brit-Am You Tube Introductory Series
5. Hosea 7.

"Brit-Am Now"-1532
1. The British Initial Involvement with the creation of Israel: Some Major Dates
2. Benjamin Fourie: Some Reflections About South Africa
3. Question About Prophecy and the Transference of the Palestinians to Someplace in the West
4. Jack Flaws is Unhappy with Brit-Am!
5. Hosea 8.

"Brit-Am Now"-1533
1. David Bell: The British and ANZAC Liberation of Jerusalem
2. Edward Anderson: THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON by Rudyard Kipling
3. New Article and Brit-Am You Tube Clip
The Purpose of Exile and Loss of Identity

"Brit-Am Now"-1534
1. Purpose of the Exile: A Possible Debt to John Hulley?
2. Urban legends etc. What is not true MUST BE REJECTED!
3. Hosea 9.

"Brit-Am Now"-1535
1. Question from Jim Wright About the Crimea and Tarshish
2. Brit-Am Appeal and One (Unpleasant) Reaction
3. New Article: "Jewish Roots of the American Constitution" by Professor Paul Eidelberg

"Brit-Am Now"-1536
1. David Jackson Asks Questions about Israelites Being Destined to Rule Other nations and the Tribe of Simeon
2. Question from Roman Sanchez Concerning Non-Israelites in the Plan of Salvation
3. New Article and Brit-Am You Tube Clip.
Exile of Ten Tribes of Israel to the West by Sea.

"Brit-Am Now"-1537
1. New Article and Brit-Am You Tube Clip.
Migratory Movements of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
2. Christine Darg: George Washington Originally Wanted Flag With 6-Pointed (Jewish "Magen David" type) Starts!
3. Brit-Am Agent for South Africa.
4. Answer to Question by Allan Dane Concerning Family Names, Croats, Slovenes, DNA, etc.
5. Ancient Scottish Heritage. What happened to it?

"Brit-Am Now"-1538
1. Poetic Justice: A Libyan Conspiracy? Is Gaddafi Bored? never a Dull day with us.
Ciber Space Terrorists in the name of Libya Infiltrate and Attack Brit-Am You Tube Productions
2. Bryan Smith Compliments our work "The Khazars. Tribes 13".
3. You Tube Question Posted a Few Hours Before Gaddafi Invaded.
Israelite Catholics Versus Prods in Ulster?
4. Another Tube Question Posted a Few Hours Before Gaddafi Goon Got Going
5. Brit-Am Article and You Tube Clip (in place of the Old One)

"Brit-Am Now"-1539
1. Answers to Questions by Alex Zafran
2. Edward Anderson:
Remarks Concerning White Slaves, First Night Rights, Irish, Boers, and my pending Knighthood
3. Hosea 10.

"Brit-Am Now"-1540
2. Letter from Western Australia.
3. Benjamin Fourie: Regarding the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa
4. Ron Fraser: Appreciates Brit-Am Historical Explanations
5. New Article:
The Jews Need Joseph: A Debate Amongst Jewish Patriots!
Brit-Am Discussed on Important Jewish Nationalist Blog

"Brit-Am Now"-1541
1. Lynda Crawford: "Liked Your Effort" After Libyan Attack
2. New Article and You Tube Clip: Khazars were from the Ten Tribes!
3. Brian Patmore: Avoiding Canaanite Islamics!
4. Elizabeth from Ontario, Canada: Convinced of Israelite Descent
5. Answers to Remarks About Ulster and the Royal Line Ruling Britain

"Brit-Am Now"-1542
1. Edward Anderson: Sharon Turner, Josephus, and H.W. Armstrong
2. George Forrester: An Ishmaelite Element in Ireland from Bible Codes?
3. Dennis McGinlay: British Monarchs from David!
4. David McLeod: All of Israel needs each other!
5. Hosea 11.

"Brit-Am Now"-1543
1. New Article and You Tube Video Clip
The Khazars were NOT Turks!
2. TG Asks Questions and Makes Statements and is Replied to:
Khazars and Scottish Picts; Ashkenaz and Jews; Hungarians and Khazars; Converts
3. Joan Griffith: King Tut Irish???
4. C.E. Calahn: H.W. Armstrong and Stephen Collins
5. Jim Wright: Garner Ted Armstrong and his work

"Brit-Am Now"-1544
1. Mark A. Robinson: The Fate of the Tribes
2. Biblical Proofs: An Extension to the Term Islands?
3. Stephen Collins: Prophecy Updates and Commentary
4. Yaroslav Kazmin: Interested in Frisian Legend
5. David Tempelhoff: Was the dragon a symbol of Dan?
6. Answer to Michelle about the ancestors of Germany and Rome
7. Charles Bassett: Believer Due to Garner Ted?
8. New Article and You Tube Video Clip
The Khazars Were Hebrews!
9. Answer to Question from G. Forrester:
Are the Lombards [North Italy] Jewish?

"Brit-Am Now"-1545
1. Three Recent Short Articles and You Tube Clips on the Khazars.
2. Charlotte Mecklenburg:
There should be 12 tribes: God was going to place us or had placed us in one of those tribes
3. John Wharton: "the house of Israel, and the house of Judah won't pass away"
4. James Abbadie (1723) on the Ten Tribes
5. Ninth of Ab and Repentance?
6. Michael Johnson: The Needs of Israel and a Ten Tribes Solution?
7. International Relations according to Brit-Am; Theory Versus Reality?

"Brit-Am Now"-1546
1. TheCatholicnproud suggests Ancient Scottish Song Recalls Isaac as Forefather
2. Sick porcinine-canine calls Yair a Canaanite
3. Craig White Receives 'The Khazars. Tribe 13'
4. JHH: Two German Jew-Haters
5. G. Forrester: Gilgal in the New World / Washington DC
6. Brian Patmore: Hatred of Israel and Judah is a Frame of Mind
7. Answer to Question on Esoteric Literature and Ten Tribes Sources

"Brit-Am Now"-1547
1. Hosea 12 and Summary of Brit-Am Commentary
2. Answers to Questions About Adoption and Tribal Affiliation; Dutch People in Canada
3. Was "Lost Israelite Identity" our best book??

"Brit-Am Now"-1548
1. Richard and Betty Atwood Support Brit-Am.
2. New Article and You Tube Clip:
Present-Day Tribal Identities: An Outline.
3. Hosea 12 and Summary of Brit-Am Commentary

"Brit-Am Now"-1549
1. Answer to Kerry Bulls about Irish and Scoth-Irish Presidents of the USA and Masonic Conniving in Washington DC.
2. Jonathan Caro: In Favor of 'Lost Israelite Identity'.
3. 25% Irish or 100% Israelite?
4. A Criticism of the Opinion of Rabbi E. Kin on the TLTs
5. New Articles:
The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series.
Israelite Nations are Statistically Considered the Most Happiest Countries in World!

"Brit-Am Now"-1550
1. Extracts from an Article on USA Symbolism
2. Derryl Bishop: US Presidents Also Welsh!
3. US Presidents of Welsh Descent: Selected extracts
4. New Article and You Tube Video Clip
Hosea 9 and Muslim Hatred of All Israelites
5. Note on Anglo-Saxon Origins. Saxons

"Brit-Am Now"-1551
1. Bob: Welsh and Hebrew and Aramaic.
2. Doubts Concerning the Veraciity of Brit-Am
Andrew Wallace: Follow Up Question about the Irish as Israelites
3. Joshua Micah S.: Love your site!!!
4. Orjan Svensson: Parallel between king David and Prince Daniel of Sweden?
5. Question About the Philistines and Crete

"Brit-Am Now"-1552
1. Noel Rude: Interesting Commentary Concerning the predicted Assimilation of Ephraim
2. TG Finds an Interest in Other TT Claims??
3. Dennis McGinlay: Prophecy Leaves No Doubt as to Israelite Identities!
4. TG Replies to # item 2 above and makes new accusations in accordance with his obnoxious nature.
5. Pleased with Brit-Am You Tube Clip.

"Brit-Am Now"-1553
1. Question from Adopted Personage who Agrees with Brit-Am Findings
2. Kerry Bullls: Compliments and Blessings
3. Derryl Bishop: Who Copies Who?
4. Jim Wright: No other Possible Answer!
5. Edward Anderson: Proof of Israelite Ancestry
6. The non-Jewish Status of the Ten Tribes in Rabbinical Law.
7. Could it be that Brit-Am Does Not Please Everyone?

"Brit-Am Now"-1554
1. Pleased with Articles on Brit-Am Web Site.
2. John Salverda: Jehu, Jonah, the Hittite god Teshub, and Jason.
3. New Article:
Israelite Peoples are Statistically Considered Amongst the Longest-Lived in the World!
4. Adoption: The rights of adopted people to obtain full disclosure.
5. B and Gratitude.

"Brit-Am Now"-1555
1. G. Forrester : King Jehu of Israel and Napoleon? 2. Afghanistan. Rabbi Kin Replies Indirectly and is Directly Replied To.
3. Will Only a Portion Return?
4. Brit-Am as the ONLY Movement?
5. New You Tube Video Clip to Accompany Article.
110 Biblical Proofs

"Brit-Am Now"-1556
1. Spyros Karalis: Question About Israelites and the Ancient Greeks
2. Proposed Expulsion of Arab Populations Compared to Anti-Jewish Actions by Others in the Past
3. New Article and You Tube Video Clip
"They Must Go!"
Proposed Movement of Arab Populations.

"Brit-Am Now"-1557
1. TG Gets it Right! TG Catches Brit-Am Making a Mistake!
2. Ailton B (originally from Brazil): Room for ALL the Arabs to Move to Brazil
3. Edward Anderson: Spartans were Hebrews!
5. Visits to the Brit-Am Web-Site: Yearly Statistics

"Brit-Am Now"-1558
1. Welcome to Brit-Am Now!
2. Time for Joseph to Come Home?
3. Reply to Questions from Joseph Lowe.
Western Israelite nations and Christianity, Messiah son of Joseph and the Christian Messiah, What Needs to be Done, The Return of Joseph and the Ten Tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-1559
1. Books Received:
(a) from Steve and Charlene Mathe
(b) from Suri Osdoba in Memory of Avi Osduba.
2. Biblical Borders of the Land of Israel
3. Brit-Am Answers to Richard McKay Concerning Rebuilding the Temple.
(a) Rebuilding the Temple, the Ten Tribes, and Messiah son of Joseph: Some Sources
(b) Different Temple-Orientated Groups
(c) Should the Temple be rebuilt Now?

"Brit-Am Now"-1560
1. New Article
Brit-Am Statistics. The Newsweek List of 100 Best Countries
2. Brit-Am Replies to Philip Gilchrist about the Messiah and an anti-Messiah.
3. Brit-Am Replies to Questions by Chaplain Kerry Bulls Concerning Rebuilding the Temple
(1. Priests Being Trained to Serve in the Temple
(2. The Stockpiling of Materials to Build the Temple
(3. Discovery of The Door of the Holy of Holies, etc
(4. The Red Heifer
(5. Choosing a High Priest.
4. New Pictures Added to Existing Article on Dolmens
5. Ron Hoover: Popularity of the Name Balaam Amongst Mennonite Ancestors.

"Brit-Am Now"-1561
1. Brit-Am Video Clips.
2. Sammy Easom: URLs on the Temple
3. New Article Introducing a New Brit-Am Project
Judah and Joseph in Business Together?
4. Dorothy Daigle: The Love of Joseph is Still Needed
5. Hosea 13.

"Brit-Am Now"-1562
1. The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics. An Ongoing Series
Three New Articles:
Israelite Peoples Statistically Have the Highest GDP Per Capita!
Israelite Nations are Statistically the Safest in the World!
Israelite Nations Receive the Most Years of Schooling!
2. David Bell: Suggested Scenario for the Future Re-Unification of Judah and Israel
3. Brian Patmore: All Israel must re-build the temple
4. Tucville: Not Israelites but Nubians???
5. Julia Andrews: British Am is Not in Accordance with Jewish Tradition!!!

"Brit-Am Now"-1563
1. New Article
More Brit-Am Rabbinical Sources
2. New Article:
"Identification of the Ten Tribes" by Jack Hertzog
3. Hosea 14.

"Brit-Am Now"-1564
1. New Article and You Tube Clip
Bequeathment of the Blessings to Joseph
2. New Article and You Tube Clip
The Blessings and Tasks of Joseph.
3. Brit-Am Introductory Course. List of Contents

"Brit-Am Now"-1565
1. How would one know if they were from Joseph or not?
2. Affirmation from You Tube.
3. John Salverda: The Palace of Odysseus
4. Revised Article: The Fourteen Aims of Biblical Prophecy
according to Don Isaac Abarbanel
5. Is the Ephraimite Movement Dying Out?
6. AVIGDOR: Suggested Brit-Am Tutoring?
7. Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, a New Appeal.
8. Additional Appeal from Brit-Am: End of Week, End of Year
9. Lasse Martinsen: Concedes Brit-Am has many correct points.

"Brit-Am Now"-1566
1. Damon Casale: Signs Given by Isaiah and Future Redemption
2. SPN: New Member from France
3. Germany and the Amorites?
4. Jennie Schmidt: The Future Elijah Land Development Project?
5. New Article:
Statistics: Total GDP per Country and the Israelite Peoples Amongst Them.

"Brit-Am Now"-1567
1. Brit-Am on YouTube
yairdavidiy's Channel
Gavin Finley's Channel
2. Contacting Yair Davidiy by Phone.
3. Thomas E. Roberts: Praying for Brit-Am.
4. Brit-Am Answers Criticism from Avichail aficionado Julia Andrews.
5. New Article:
The Temple, Intermediaries, and the Ten Tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-1568
1. Brian Patmore: Brit-Am is Definitely Correct
2. Dennis McGinlay: What is Made Needs a Maker.
3. New Article:
Human Development Index (HDI) and Brit-Am Israelite Nations.
4. Tim: Evidence of tribes and the Welsh.
5. YouTube: Wisdom from shaybird76
(a) You are a Khazar
(b) The tribes of Israel were people of color, not Europeans.
6. YouTube: whoisthejudge really enjoyed 10 tribe video
7. YouTube: ghostwolf66: "Keep spreading the truth".

"Brit-Am Now"-1569
1. Rosh HaShanna: Three and a half-Day Brit-Am Break
2. New Article with Maps: Israelite Bases Overseas
3. Another New Article with Maps: Israelite Empires in the Recent Past
4. New Article with Graphs, Tables, and Quoted Opinions:
Israelite Military Might: A Comparative Study
Israelite Nations Compared to the Rest of the World.
5. Brit-Am and the Dentist.

"Brit-Am Now"-1570
1. Excerpts from:
A prayer for 5771 By CAROLINE B. GLICK, The Jerusalem Post, followed by Brit-Am Note.
2. Notes Concerning Reuben and the French added to Article on Israelite Empires.
3. New Article:
Israelite Nations are Statistically Considered the Most Peaceful in the World!
4. New Article:
Israelite Nations are Statistically the Most Generous!
5. International Russian Language TV Station Prepares Progam about Orjan Svensson and the Runes.

"Brit-Am Now"-1571
1. Answer to the Criticism of Angelo Bennetti and Remarks Concerning Rosh HaShana.
2. G. Forrester: Geo-Political Parallelism Between Mongolia and Germany and the Finns of Finland.
3. Brit-Am Efforts are Appreciated!

"Brit-Am Now"-1572
1. Is Shaybird a Little Displeased with Brit-Am?
2. Additional Note to, and text of, Brit-Am New Year Determinations.
3. Dr. Gavin Finley: Brit-Am is "at the forefront"!
4. Diane Herndon: Hebrew New Year Good Wishes.
5. Michelle Bowie Supports Dennis McGinlay but Lambasts Shaybird.

"Brit-Am Now"-1573
1. New Article:
Statistics: Israelite Nations and Higher Education!
2. The Brit-Am Search Site as reported by Web Site Analysis.
3. Wikipedia Extracts: Assyria and Germany in Anglo-Israelism.
4. The Unacknowledged Brit-Am Influence on the Mainstream?
5. Michelle Bowie: Remarks on Canaanite and Pagan Influences.

"Brit-Am Now"-1574
1. Brit-Am Beliefs. Points for Discussion.
Who Are the Ten Tribes Today?
2. Do Muslims Believe in God?
The Enemies of Israel are the Enemies of the Almighty!
3. Yair Davidiy Turns Sixty!

"Brit-Am Now"-1575
1. Happy Birthday Wishes to Yair
2. Sarah Benjamin: Ireland is the Holy Island and Israel is the Holy Land!
3. Amerindians, Yuchi, and Israel
4. Edward Anderson: Muslim God is Different?
5. Source of Interest: CHRONICLES OF ERI

"Brit-Am Now"-1576
1. More Good Wishes for Yair.
2. Bryan Smith Ue: Pleased with Brit-Am Now Posting.
3. Cecil Davis: Remarks on Amerindians and Israel; Allah and God; etc.
4. David Tempelhoff: Allah and Allat?
5. Brit-Am is Different!
Physical descent is what needs to be proven and emphasized.
Be open to Judah instead of subconsciously hostile!
Contents of Entry:
The Need for Factualization of Brit-Am Biblical and Secular Researches.
The Karaite Obstruction to Reconciliation between Judah and Ephraim.
Regarding rejection of the Hebrew Calendar.
Jews of Judah in Israel are Mostly Orthodox Jews.

"Brit-Am Now"-1577
1. Still More Blessings to Yair
2. The Coming Gog and Magog War of Russia and Eastern Europe versus the USA and the West?
3. The Torah State: Full-Time Torah Learning.
4. David Tempelhoff: Karaites, Rabbis, and NASA; Islam and Idolatry
5. Yair Davidiy Interviewed on Major US Radio Program.
The Al Gainey Show

"Brit-Am Now"-1578
1. Dennis McGinlay: "Radio Broadcast. Fine job".
2. Ingileif: Observations from Iceland re the Khazars and Northern Peoples.
3. Thomas Malloy: Gog and Magog and the Turkey Factor.
4. New Article by John Salverda.
Athens and the Hebrews. The Other Lost Israelites.
5. New Article: Statistics.
Israelite Intellectual Achievements.

"Brit-Am Now"-1579
1. Didrik and Ingelief: Thoughts Concerning Lost Israelites and Links between Scythia and Scandinavia.
2. Illustrations (from Kristiansen) of Ancient cultural (and ethnic) contacts between Northern Europe and the Middle East.
3. Thanks and Blessings to Brit-Am.
4. How does one send a contribution to Brit-Am?
5. Cristian Sildan: National Average IQ Adversely Influenced by Foreigners and Question re Josephus and the Greeks.

"Brit-Am Now"-1580
1. Article Upgraded and Expanded.
King David and the Oral Law.
2. Tudor Rose Pin (similar to Brit-Am Symbol) on E-Bay.
3. Answer to Question about the Book of Jasher.

"Brit-Am Now"-1581
1. New Article:
Karaites: In Defence of the Oral Tradition.
2. Answer to Question Comparing the Egyptian Marriage of Joseph to Boaz marrying Ruth.
3. Letter from an Enemy of Humanity and Brit-Am Reply.
4. Cristian Sildan: IQ Tests match the levels of culture and civilization!
5. The Work of Brit-Am is Valued.
6. Alistair Williams: Observations on Gog and Magog, Brit-Am, etc.
7. "Lost Israel Identity" may soon be available Online!

"Brit-Am Now"-1582
1. Bryan Smith Ue: "Once again, Great Brit-Am newsletter!"
2. New Article: Touche!
The Karaite Allies Threat to Brit-Am and the Brit-Am Answer
3. Miri Burgin: Objections to King David Article.
4. Brian Patmore: Observations Concerning Ruth, Joseph and his wife, and Caleb.
5. Jeremiah 1.

"Brit-Am Now"-1583
1. Michelle Bowie: Celeb and the Kenizzites?
2. Zeev Barkan: Oldest Known Example of the Star of David.
3. Addition to Article: King David and the Oral Law.
The Choice is between an Ancient Oral Tradition and a New One Derived from Base Motives!

"Brit-Am Now"-1584
1. Jackie: Succesful Download of .pdf files and comment on work.
2. Downloading the .pdf files for Lost Israelite Identity.
How Does it Work?
3. Jeremiah Chapter 2.

"Brit-Am Now"-1585
1. PayPal Problems? In the Throws of Misapplied Genius.
2. Cherie Koch: Appreciates Brit-Am Article and Adverts.
3. New Article. "Jerusalem Compared to Athens in Greek Mythology" by John R. Salverda.

"Brit-Am Now"-1586
1. Mormons Also Identify Americans as Ephraim and Manasseh.
2. PayPal Problem Solved.
3. 20 Copies of "The Tribes" Turn Up! Now Available!

"Brit-Am Now"-1587
1. Brendan Stapleton: Mormon Beliefs Regarding the Ten Tribes.
2. Sean Casey Back in the Saddle!
3. Most of the Sabbatarian Church of God groups also recognize the 10 Lost Tribes.

"Brit-Am Now"-1588
1. New Article:
Traditions of Israelite Descent in England.
2. Edward Anderson: The Case of Casey.
3. Jeremiah 3. A Challenge to the Ten Tribes of Israel.
NKJV Translation. Brit-Am Summary. Extracts from Brit-Am Commentary.

"Brit-Am Now"-1589
1. Poem: Recessional by Rudyard Kipling, June 22, 1897.
2. Michelle Bowie: The place and family name Perrett and Peretz of Judah.
3. Brit-Am Exclusive Information and News Reports. Important Scoops of Today!
a. Persian Braggart Turns Chicken!
Ahmah-who? was afraid to throw stones!
b. DNA Confirms Brit-Am Beliefs!!!

"Brit-Am Now"-1590
1. Chris Newnham: Comments, Observations, and Questions.
2. Can a DNA test show Jewish ancestry?
3. Pat Dunnagan: Doomsday Book Record.
4. Janis McK. The Case of Palestinian Christians of Jewish or Israelite Descent and "Outsiders" in General.
Brit-Am Reply:
(a) The existence of non-Israelite non-Jewish Gentiles who are righteous.
(b) The existence of Israelite descendants amongst non-Jewish non-Israelite Gentile peoples.
(c) The existence of Canaanites, Edomites, and non-Israelites in general amongst Israelites.
5. New Article:
Jewish Lawyers and Angle Lore.
Do Anglo-Saxon Traditions Prove the Rabbinical Oral Tradition?

"Brit-Am Now"-1591
1. New Article.
Sex, Women, and the Bible.
2. Answer to Question by Geoff Neilson About the Future Borders of the Holy Land.
3. Arabs Confirm Brit-Am Commentary of the Name Mahomed!!!

"Brit-Am Now"-1592
1. Lars Waern no.1: Appreciation and Pictures from a "Goth" in Sweden.
2. Lars Waern no.2: The Tribe of Gad in Gotland? The Ram Symbol.
3. Robert Graves: Commendation & Request.
4. Britain and the Phoenicians: Interesting Extract.
5. Jennie Schmidt; Where are Moab, Ammon, and Elam?
6. KC Stricker: Pleased with Brit-Am Radio Interview.
7. Did Sephardic Jews Assimilate Amongst Amerindians of the USA??
The Influence of Sephardic Jews and Moors on Southeastern Indian Cultures,
by Donald Panther-Yates
8. Jerusalem Post (Special Christian Edition):
Zionist Christians might be from Israel's 'Ten Lost tribes' By BRIAN HENNESSY.
9. All Patriots 'Know' that Moses Wrote the Constitution by Garrett Epps.
10. Followers of the Brit-Am Movement Should Be Aware they are Chosen!

"Brit-Am Now"-1593
1. Did Statues of the Patriarchs Exist?
2. Additions to our article about the Karaites.
The Choice is between an Ancient Oral Tradition and a New One Derived from Base Motives!
Recognizing the Karaites means Denial of Judah!
The Brit-Am Issue with the Karaites.
3. David Jackson: Sizemores, Melungeons, Cherokees and the Sieve of Amos.
4. Bo Ronn: Welcome Lars Waern to Brit-Am-North.
5. MK (Member of Knesset) Kara: Druze are Descended from Jews!

"Brit-Am Now"-1594
1. Affinity with Anything Hebrew and Likes Celtic Music.
2. Brit-Am and Negative Prophecies Concerning Royalty?
3. Books Received.

"Brit-Am Now"-1595
1. Answer to Question by Lars Wearn about Dan and the Vietnamese.
2. New Article:
The Arab Problem. DRIVE THEM OUT! by Alexander Zephyr.
3. Jeremiah 3.
Summary. Extracts from Brit-Am Biblical Commentary. Midrash About Ten Tribes returning through the message of Judah.

"Brit-Am Now"-1596
1. Cristian Sildan: Is there a bigger more-encompassing world-wide ethnic picture?
2. Question about Personal Antecedents and Israelite Ancestry.
3. Question Regarding Descent from Ancient Irish Clan.

"Brit-Am Now"-1597
1. Phoenician DNA and a Query.
2. New Article.
3. Jeremiah 4:
NKJV Translation, Summary of and Extracts from Brit-Am Biblical Commentary.
4. Intended Article: The Need to Identify with Your Own Tribe!
5. Two New Series of Articles Already in Preparation.
(a) Western Hebrew-Celtic Culture. Religion and Customs.
(b) Gomerian Germanic Israelite Connections.

"Brit-Am Now"-1598
1. Orjan Svensson: Theo Vennemann and Semitic Europa.
2. Visits to Brit-Am Site by Country (may not be Accurate).
3. Old Irish and the Phoenician Language.

"Brit-Am Now"-1599
(c) What Brit-Am Says.
2. New Article: Theo Vennemann and Brit-Am.
3. Morgana: The Celtic-Phoenician Connection.

"Brit-Am Now"-1600
1. New Article:
Origin of the Name "Wales". A New Appreciation.
2. New Series with First Article:
Western Hebrew-Celtic Culture. Religion and Customs. Foreword and Table of Contents.
Celtic Gods and Deities! Part One.
3. Four Articles Upgraded with Information Added.


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